Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lately in the Last Week...

3 days left. Its true only three days left with my kiddos. After they finished their spelling test today, I worked on finishing up their grades while they played Uno, the girls were coloring, and Roberto sat next to me filing away the exams into folders. He was so excited to help and behaves so well when he is given a task (especially one that involves helping me). Today was a sweet day with my kids, one of those days I would gladly repeat.

Here below are a few of the things I have been up to recently:
  • Mansfield Park.... If you remember I made a list of 20 things I would complete by my birthday in November. One of them being to finish four Jane Austen books. (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.)  I have completed two of the books (Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey) and just started Mansfield Park. However, Monday night I had an impromptu British inspired movie night and watched both Bridget Jones and Mansfield Park. Now to just begin reading (this is my project for the beach in Nicaragua next week).
  • Preparing for yoga school. It still has not really sunk in that next Friday I will be in Costa Rica beginning an intensive 28 Vinyasa/ Hot Yoga teacher training. I am so very excited, a bit nervous but mostly really pumped. Here below is an article I thought was funny talking about 10 Things Yogis Wont tell you About Yoga Class. My favorite one, number "7. Sometimes we hate yoga."
  • CNN Photographs of Honduras Violence........ Recently my roommate Faye featured this Article from CNN on her blog (click here for Faye's Blog ). Spanish photographer, Javier Arcenillas who has been photographing in Central America for sometime, recently visited Honduras. I will warn you the pictures are quite gruesome, but depict the reality of the violence here.... See the pictures here. (As well I should recommend Faye's blog for other great pictures and moments captured).
  • Last Orphanage visit..... Today Kylie and I after school walked to the orphanage for one last time to play with the kids and say goodbye. As you well know, I have fell in love with Arturo last fall. I am still trying to figure out how I can get him to come home with me. (He has two sisters mentioned here). In my list of 20 things to accomplish this year, one of them was to visit an orphanage atleast once a month. Unfortunately I did not make it to an orphanage in May but this visit counts for June. Enjoy some pictures below..... 

  • Preparing to travel. Saturday I depart for a seven day trip/ journey to Costa Rica. I will be spending four days in Nicaragua before crossing the border into Costa Rica. To lighten my load (I am carrying one large backpack and a small backpack) I cut out the sections of my travel book that I do not need and only left the three countries I will be traveling through). Travel tip: When Backpacking Europe, Asia or Central America....... anywhere really, travel books can be heavy and if you buy a book that covers a large region of a continent there may be places or countries in my case that you are not visiting in the book...... therefore I recommend cutting them out. For me it is easy to leave the sections that I do not need at the D and D Brewery for other backpackers traveling through Central America. Proof Below:

Panama/El Salvador/ Guatemala/ Belize maybe next time :)
    Packing up my room. Yes that dirty yoga mat will go to the trash can, no need to worry. The words will come down, but it will  forever be one of my favorite sayings....
    My route :)
  • TOMS Repair: Its true my Toms had a very sexy hole through the big toe. I tried to buy new ones in San Pedro Sula but I am afraid all they had were knock offs (or fakes) that seemed that they would fall apart worse than the ones I already owned. So....... today I got out a needle and thread, grabbed my roommates jeans out of the trash can, cut a patch and started my repair. Below is the finished project. OK yes I am aware it is not perfect, they have some character, but in all honesty I love them too much to part (these Toms walked the ground in Italy, Germany, California, Colorado, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras). I need them to make it until July 12 when I go back to Colorado and I can buy myself some new ones..... (already have my eye on some). 

  •  Time with Family: Below is a picture that was taken two Saturdays ago. They were working on a puzzle and worked tirelessly for a few hours. I am so very grateful for each one of them and I think saying goodbye to my kids will be hard but saying goodbye to my family here....even worse. (Be sure to check out the roommate special posts Faye and Molly). The picture next was taken of the sky at school. Yes its real. (No filter either and no editing). An incredible rainbow. The last picture was taken of my lute at the movies in San Pedro Sula (we went for Alison's birthday Wednesday)...... Yep RED WINE! I splurged but seriously wine in the movie theatre???? (Why is this not a staple thing in the States??). I justified it because we don't get to drink out of glasses often (only plastic cups here) so I bought red wine, a diet coke and nerds. (it was every bit of incredible as I had hoped it would be).

Coming up a new roommate Blog post :) Enjoy! Happy Tuesday

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