Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Cup Is Full

I forgot how to write. I forgot the power of words. I forgot how much this place (my blog) allowed me to live in the present. This place allowed me to share my heart.

The truth is I never felt that the past few (7) months were much to write about. I was not living in a third world country anymore, I was not chasing mice out of our house or climbing volcanoes on the weekends. I felt that today's story was one that didn't amount to much of anything. So I remained silent.

But alas here I am.... attempting to write again.

I sit here on my couch drinking coffee (Dominican Republic coffee gifted from my Aunt and Uncle).
I have yet to purchase a bag of coffee since returning to the States. The bags of coffee I brought back from Costa Rica and a few bags gifted to me from those who traveled South have kept my pantry stocked of coffee ground goodness. My cup has remained full. 

The notion of a cup being full is often a metaphor used in Christian circles, to describe being full of the Holy Spirit. That you are so filled with Gods blessing and promises that your "cup runneth over". I am grateful for a great number of things, which in many ways makes me feel "very full".


Today I wake up in a warm house, with a coffee pot that I simply push a button and it fills up with a cozy cup of joe. The sun beyond our house is rising to shine on the Rocky Mountains. The snow capped peaks that reflect on the city, offer promises of hope, of change and security. The laughter down the hallway in my office, reminds me that I work in a safe place. A place that believes in students, that believes in Jesus and loving others well.

Paying my taxes reminds me of last year. Of living on next to nothing, to then moving into a new job. The gift of health insurance. The new joy of getting your teeth cleaned. A haircut that is really such a wonderful thing to do. So relaxing and you feel like a new person. I am grateful that these seemingly meaningless tasks now become big blessings.

My friends here and new roommates remind me of relationships. Great relationships I am privileged to have. This year I will stand as two of the dearest ones pledge their love and lives to someone else. I will stand, try to hold back tears as the joy in the room I am certain will be overwhelming.

This year has already been an adventure. And those of you that know me well or have followed my blog, know that I would have it no other way. January, I spent a long weekend in Steamboat Springs, skiing and drinking Pappy van Winkle to mourn the loss of Charlie Strong to Texas.

I quickly turned around and found myself in "Sin City" aka Las Vegas with friends from college. We danced, we lost some money, and watched the Broncos run to the divisional playoffs.

The following week I headed west to San Diego. This work trip was cushioned with time spent watching the sunset over the Pacific, running along the beach, catching up with an old college roommate and my cousins. My skin had missed the salty air and appreciated the warmth in January.

February I found myself yet again on a plane making my way to the opposite coast, Clearwater Beach, Florida. I was privileged to join our women's Softball team on their tournament trip to the "Sunshine State". Although it was not very sunny, it was a great trip getting to know the girls, assisting with trip details and putting my toes yet again in the sand.

As for today my parents are walking the vineyards in South Africa, my sister is in the music city of Nashville celebrating a soon to be bride and I am going to be heading to the baseball field for our men's team to play a doubleheader.

So today amidst my hearts longing for the past and the struggle to be joyful in the present. I am reminded that my cup is indeed full.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Las Vegas

San Diego, California

Clearwater Beach, Flordia