Friday, June 14, 2013

Made it to Costa...Travel Tips

Laying in my bed right now... and it feels incredible. Thinking I may do a short yoga session on the floor here and then go drink a giant latte while reading up for school today. I am to be at the airport around 2:00 pm to met my pickup for yoga school. Last night I left my laundry for it to be done, hopefully it will be complete around 1pm and then I am all set.

I am a bit sad my short travel week is over... but very excited to start my yoga school journey. A bit nervous as well. Yesterday while on the bus I started looking at pictures of my kids and yep I still miss them terribly....In a small shop in San Juan Del Sur two kids were playing under the shelves, I handed them small coins and looked at them as though they were my kiddos in my class. What I would give just for one more day with them..... Those big brown eyes. Howdy's long eyelashes, and Aracely who would never get out her books in time......I miss my roommates and our dirty house too. My hearts incredibly heavy.....

But a new adventure awaits I am sure.... While traveling on the bus I got to thinking and learned a few things..... here they are below:
  • Travel with a small bag (not like mine). Border crossings typically require you to take your bag from underneath the bus and carry it across the boarder/ get it searched etc..... So a big hunky bag is not fun. Nor is it transporting it across the city to where you are staying. 
  • Toilet paper is a must...... 9 times out of 10 there is never ever TP in bathrooms. Must carry with. Especially for the bus bathrooms/ boarder crossings.
  • Hand sanitizer... If there is water coming out of the sink you are trying to use your lucky..... and you basically hit the jackpot if the soap dispensary actually gives out soap too. Hand Sanitizer... easy peesy
  • When exchanging money.... Always change on the side of the currency you want.... not the country you are exiting. The rate is always better on side where the currency is from.
  • Get a Window seat..... it is a  must so you are cooler and you get to lean against the wall.... On Chicken buses anything but the kitchen sink is sold on the buses so it avoids a bit of the vendors as well. 
  • Enjoy the entertainment... For example on my way to San Juan Del Sur from Managua. First a clown got on the bus. (did tricks and danced).. he tapped me while sleeping to ask for money for his performance (you must be joking). Next came an evangelist. Well I am assuming he was. His bible and all. (no idea what he was saying). Then came the pharmaceutical rep. A guy selling medicine to cure all your problems. (Nah I think I am good).  You get cell phone covers for sale, chicken with rice in a plastic bag, bread, cheese and bread sandwiches, hot coffee poured for you, fresco's, chips, gum, cigarettes..... oh the options.
  • Plan for extra spending money..... You never know what will happen. Like when you get fined at the border :) A small breakdown of my costs are below.... I splurged a bit for a private room twice but had the option to stay in a dorm with others for around $10.00. Thank you to my roommates who did a bit of this journey before and were a great help.
    • Bus to Tegucigalpa (Honduras) from Pena Blanca (Honduras) (my town).... $7.00
    • Bus to Managua (Nicaragua) from Tegucigalpa (Honduras)... $24.00
    • Hotel in Managua (Nicaragua)... Hotel Los Felipe Private Room around $20.00
    • Bus to San Juan Del Sur (Nicaragua).... Cheap $3.50 (4 hour bus journey)
    • Hotel in San Juan Del Sur (Nicaragua)... $8.50 per night (3 x $25.00)
    • Taxi to bus to San Jose (Costa Rica)..... $15.00 us dollars (it was early so I did not get the bus for 75 cents)
    • Bus to San Jose (Costa Rica).... $10.00
    • Taxi to hostel in San Jose (Costa Rica).... $4.00 (Observation very expensive in Costa Rica.
    • Hotel Aldea in San Jose (Costa Rica).... $30.00 private room 
I may go step out of my room see if this place serves coffee (YAYAY THEY DO)..... I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing during yoga school. I am planning on keeping my blog and keeping up with it for whatever the future holds, so be patient. Promise I am still here.

PS one last tip.... Befriend a taxi guy or be really friendly in the car. Ask about his kids (he will show you pictures) and then he may just drive up on the beach of Lake Nicaragua so you can snap a photo of Ompitepe (two volcano Island). It was awesome...... See Below

Costa Rica below.... the Gulf of Nicoya... (My thoughts on Costa Rica so far..... Americanized.... almost a bit much that I think it doesn't feel that different from the States. Unlike the other central American countries the culture and traditions are still richly present. But Costa Rica is now a tourism trap filled with expensive hotels lining the once deserted beaches. It is beautiful yes of course. Just a bit different. (roommates you were right :))

My lunch yesterday

Last night in my room and my visit to the fancy mall in San Jose so I could watch the NBA Finals and drink red wine at Chilis (yes the American chain). Worth every dime.

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