Friday, June 21, 2013

Feeling Like Myself

Today I woke up while my roommate packed her bags to visit the Parque de Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Today is our day off from Yoga classes. We start again tomorrow morning with our 6 am practice. So it is our one of three days off that we get for the whole month......

I opted out of joining the big group to head to the park for a number of reasons.... for starters I am exhausted, the journey was long and the park is nearly 4 hours away. (they rented a big van). I as well just felt like I wanted to take some time to read my book, relax by the pool and take the bus into town by myself. A different group of ladies hired a taxi to take them into town nearby and offered if I wanted to join. I kindly declined. I wanted to take the bus.

I have a soft spot for public transportation (can I say that... that is weird right?) Something about riding amongst people heading to work or heading to school makes you feel like you are not merely a visitor someplace but apart of the community. I boarded the bus sat down and recognized Bachata music coming from the bus (Prince Royce) and it made me smile really big. This felt so normal to me. The Central America I came to fall in love with.

I rode the bus into the town of Alajuela and had a few shopping items to attend too: coffee (to take home), flash cards (to study yoga words) and nail polish remover. I knew a simple supermarket would take care of most of these things and a small school supply shop would work for the others. So walking I went. Alajuela the second largest city in Costa Rica is nothing special but merely a town filled with lots of people, lots of ropa stores (clothing shops) and a central market that is nothing to rave about. I did find a small coffee shop, had a latte just around 8:00 am and watched as the city woke up. I checked off all of shopping items before finding the bus to take me back up towards our hotel. I had to ask someone which bus would take me towards our hotel so I could make the short walk from the main road to the entrance of our hotel....  The bus by the way was about 60 cents one way. (Victory)

I am sitting by the pool now and will eat lunch in a few moments..... My morning was just what I needed. Desperately needing to step out of our resort, step into the town, speak some Spanish, wander around a bit and get some fresh air...... side note it is strange to not do yoga today.... 

Happy Friday to you.....

By the way last night we took a Yoga Nidra class.... Also know as yoga sleep. I thought this was some sort of joke but it is not. (it is a real thing). We were asked to lay down comfortably and listen to the meditation. We were led through visualizations and completed an entire body scan. I thought I was doing really good, being aware, not moving, but not falling asleep (that is the goal is to remain conscious). But at the end when we were asked to rise up slowly and everyone talked about how it felt etc...... I did not know half of the visualizations people were talking about.... I had no idea and no memory. Which means I must have fallen asleep. I was shocked to learn that we had been lying down for 40 minutes.. I thought it was about 10 minutes... CRAZY. It was a lot of fun, super strange and really relaxing. Apparently there is an app called, Yoga Nidra and you may listen to them. I recommend if you have trouble relaxing sometimes.... it is fantastic. (no moving though).

 Found the wheat tortillas in bulk supply at the grocery store in Alajuela...... This picture is for my roommates in Honduras.

Central Park in Alajuela.

Self bus picture going back to the hotel.

The below pictures are  of yoga nidra class. Complete with lots of blankets, bulks for ankles, feet, knees and our heads. Fantastic.

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