Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letters to Leave

I am trying to keep my tears under wraps..... tears both of joy and sadness. How overwhelmed with gratitude I am. My chocolate cake is baked for my kids tomorrow and my things are down from my walls, all that is left is to shove my things in my backpack. The emotional roller coaster has begun..... Below are letters in my leaving... enjoy

Dear Saturday,

You seemed so far away... almost as though you would never ever come but alas you are here. I cannot exactly say that I am happy to see you. Don't be upset when I cry... it is merely because you are a day that represents the end of a chapter in my life. Yet you represent so much because you are the beginning of something new. Thank you for arriving.... I only hope I can soak up each second of you...

Love the girl who never ever thought you would come


Dear Cinder Block/ Hand weights held up bed,

ADIOS.... But no seriously thank you.... Thank you for far surpassed my expectations. You made it! You still have 2 legs of your original 6... and well you managed to stay off the ground suspended by two eight pound hand weights, one large cinder block..... all so I did not have to sleep next to the rata-tones (rats), bugs and other rodents. Thanks for letting me rest my tired teacher head, honduran adventuring body and for providing a place to sleep over the last ten months. I think it is safe to say I may be the only person that gets to sleep on you and for that it makes me kind of happy.

The body that laid on you over the last 10 months


Dear Honduras,

You have earned yourself a place atop my list of the most special places in the world. At least in my heart you are. You have the beauty that surpasses some of the most photographed places in the world. You have people that find joy in the very things that matter the very most. You take my breath away with your mountains and the crystal blue coastline of the Caribbean yet bring me to tears over the heartbreak of the reality that comes with poverty and big brown eyes of a child left abandoned. Thank you seems childish to say... because if I was really honest thank you is simply not enough. You gave me ten months that both broke me down, made me laugh and made me smile like nothing in my life has done before. To say I will miss you is an understatement. I am afraid of how I am to live outside of here. Although you have way too many bug creatures and a never ending summer climate you are my normal now........ you made me more into the person I hope to be someday and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Love Me

Dear Giant Rock in front of the Motorcycle Shop,

WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING SITTING THERE? Ok I know I was being careless and stupid going out late at night in the dark with my roommate in my pajamas to satisfy our craving but come on, you were in the middle of the sidewalk (Ok no sidewalks here) but I was walking, you were in the way and now my toe is busted. Didn't you know that next week I will start 28 days of being barefoot at yoga school and a sexy broken toe nail is not the way to introduce myself to my fellow classmates. Ok .....Your right, it is my fault. I forgive you. Just pray my toe heals. Thanks.

Love the Person who walked straight into you last night


Dear God ( the greatest story teller ever),

I am in tears writing, because as always you are right. You always and have continued to have the very best plans. Thanks for bringing me here, thanks for breaking my heart so much it hurts to leave. Thanks for never settling to take me on adventures, and to promise that no matter what if I trust in you, you will write the greatest story in my life I could have never ever imagined up myself.

Love doubtful Me

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