Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Good News? Or The Bad News?

I am writing on a bus on my way to Costa Rica..... 

Shall we start with the good news or the bad news??
 Welp the bad news first since we can get that over with. At the border crossing this morning (Exiting Nica entering Costa Rica) there was some confusion.... let me back track to get you an understanding of visas. I was living for the past 10 months in Honduras on a 90 day tourist visa. Every 90 days we would leave Honduras and enter Guatemala (short holiday trip) to then get a new visa stamp upon our return to Honduras.... ( to stay 90 more days). Knowing in advance that my arrival in Costa Rica was scheduled for today June 13, 2013 . I would need an extension. (My stamp was done March 17, 2013, 91 days).

 So flash back two weeks ago. Matt, Faye, Rose and I went to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to vsiti the immigration office of Honduras to request a 30 day extension to our tourist visa. (all of us needed it) But......We got denied...... He even mentioned that he should issue us a fine at the moment because we had been illegally exiting and reentering when we should have had a proper work/ visitors visa to have been there for so long. We quickly left the office (unsure of what to do next). I then decided that I would go for it. That I should be fine. I figured that if I am not it will merely just be by one day so surely they will either give a small fine or let it go. So today....... that small fine I imagined didn't happen. I was fined for 19 days

It was simply that my reentry into Honduras after visiting Mexico in February started my 90 days visa. (Even though i had visited Guatemala March 17). They were not honoring it. (Honduras Nicaragua, El Salvador and Nicargua have an agreement that the 90 days visa is good for all four countries so as long you do not surpass 90 days in either of them.....except for Guatemala) You see Honduras gives you a new fresh 90 days after traveling to Guatemala but now I know Nicaragua does not (sorry if you are confused.... so am I)

So a $56.00 US dollars fine later I am on the bus, properly out of Nicaragua, with my stamps and no more visa hassle. Just a bit more broke. Cheers Nicaragua and Honduras (enjoy the fine money :))

So that was the bad.... here is all the good...

I am so not a surfer, no surfer body and I don't have a long board that I hold over one arm just as I am walking out into the waves..... I tried really hard.... But I ain't no surfer girl..... I got up a handle full of times but I was exhausted. Its much like the ski and snowboard scene of Colorado. Your either in the in or your merely a short term visitor who tries to fit in during your short stay. You buy the gear, or in this case the Billabong suit and tank top because your a "surfer" but truthfully never been so far from it. 

As for my surfing lessons on Tuesday..... I loved it. My lessons were held at Hermosa Beach.... (Pictures in post before) it was just me, one on one with my instructor for two hours (although I was only supposed to be one hour). Found out quickly that the more you ride the better you are.. so my one day of catching the waves was not enough... I need YEARS of practice. That shizz is hard.  So yes, I am guilty of thinking I was going to look like I was in the movie Blue Crush but deep down, I a Kentucky girl with a heart for the mountains of Colorado... not some beach babe sun kissed surfer babe.

After my lessons I laid in the sun, swam in the ocean,  watched others surf and played volleyball. We stayed until the sunset on the water. The sky changed from purple to pink, to blue.... it was stunning. Mel and Ahmed (from Utah) had rented a car so the four of us stayed until dark and cramed in their rental car to head back to our hostel. We were of only 10 people on the whole beach as the sun set. We laughed and drank cold beer and talked about how ridiculous it was that we were here. 

Driving back to the hostel.... along the dirt road, the lights from the car showed tons of big toads all over the road. We quickly then began a game of real life frogger.... Ahmed would floor it, so we would hit the toads. They made a loud pop noise when they got hit by the rie and we erupted in cheers. It was hilarious. 

Late that night (Tuesday) we went to dinner at a street food vendor stand and then sat around as open mic night at the hostel took place. Sang rolling stones and Pink Floyd amongst 60 others or so before crashing in my bunk...... Was a long day. 

Yesterday (Wednesday), I sat at Madera Beach. A beach only accessible by a 4x4 off roader.... It was a little cove, nestled between rocks that in 10 years time will probably be home to a luxury resort. But today it is home to a backpacker hostel. And in backpacker world price it is a bit pricey... ($18.00 dollars for a bed) but let's be honest....... You wake up next to this below...

This is nearby where survivor Nicaragua was filmed... My personal version of survivor yesterday was drinking two for one mojitos beach side for less than $5.00.....

After my day at Maderas Beach I caught sunset in town San Juan Del Sur for the last time.... by the far the best one yet. Pictures to below. I went to dinner with two English (Blokes) as they would call themselves. They were officers in the British Military (sounded incredibly posh and properly English). I splurged on Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes..... it Melted in my mouth and paired with red wine. Simply the way to my heart.....

We went out for drinks with others last night (Wednesday) from our hostel and played a game of pool (I am not a pool player either). I crashed in my bed a bit late and may be due for a nap soon. 

Tonight I am going to rest up, I should arrive in San Jose late afternoon. And tomorrow I meet everyone from yoga school......... so excited.

***** I wrote on the bus Thursday... now I am safely in my own room in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. After many a few taxis and bus trips I am off to sleep. But lots more to come tomorrow.....

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