Wednesday, June 12, 2013

San Juan del Surf....

Monday around lunch time I checked in to my hostel Pacha Mama, just one block west of the ocean front. Judging by the record book of passports I am the only American staying and have been the only one that has checked in for the past few weeks. I think we can thank the US. Government and narrow minded news coverage for that. The horrid stories and overly advertised warnings about this part of the world has led many to visit other places.

With that being said, I could  not be more happy with my decision to visit San Juan. My expectations were moderate but this place has far exceeded all of my expectations. Perhaps it is the diverse hostel community, the stunning remote beaches, the Pacific sunset, late night live music or my $30.00 two hour surf lesson and all day board rental I am not sure...... or perhaps it is simply that I am yet again reminded how incredibly beautiful the world is and how small my world was before moving here.

I am sitting drinking a coke out of a bottle beach side at the shore of San Juan Del Sur... In an hour I am heading to beach Maderas. It is my last day in San Juan del Sur and I have been meaning to write everything down before I forget... So forgive me if it is a bit choppy/confusing and long :)

Live shot right now....

The below picture is of me on the bus studying up for yoga school. I as well read from my bus mates Lonely planet about places to see in San Juan. I took a few pictures of pages to use as reference. It has become quite handy to have. (My book... A rough guide, is not as helpful).

My breakfast pre bus ride (all of this for four dollars) Mango, Watermelon, Banana, Papaya and toast. Yum. Coffee takes the cake here...

Below Me crammed on a chicken bus (As you can tell by how crowded it was) I hold my backpack despite the efforts of many to assist me in placing it above my head. (No thanks) This has my laptop and valuables so I choose to keep it on my lap. I listen to music but keep my phone in my bag. As you can tell the skyline from Managua to San Juan Del Sur passes along Lago de Nicaragua. The two volcanoes that you see as we drove make up the Island De Omitepete. It is also a popular place to visit. (Wish I had more time). I arrived and checked into my dorm room bed ($8.50 per night, clean sheets each night), sleeping amongst 12 others and to be honest on certain nights I think much more. I am glad in this circumstance that I am a heavy sleeper (I don't hear anything) even if two people are in the bunk just next to me. Or last night during open mic night hosted by our hostel and 60 people are listening to live music, singing and dancing late into the night. 

 I quite enjoy the community of it all. My bunk mate (sleeps on top bunk) is a guy from England, to my right Mike from Australia, and to my Left Kari from Canada. Across the way are two girls from Israel (guitar and music playing). We all share two bathrooms and two showers. Yesterday I had a full five minute conversation with another Aussie guy while we both were in our showers. (funny). It is amazing how normal it seems, brush your teeth, get ready with everyone else. This is as well the best way to meet people (Especially traveling alone). The first night I found myself in a pub crawl ( we visited five bars before I crashed asleep). All with my bunk mates. I knew then that night that my time in San Juan would be great......

Our dorm
Sunset Monday night in San Juan.
Tuesday morning I got my tennis shoes on and decided to climb to Jesus. The second largest statue of him in the world. From the top I could see both the pacific coastline of Costa Rica and the Northern beaches. Pictures speak for themselves....

Returning back from my hike, I had coffee, a muffin and yogurt from a fantastic coffee shop in town with another dorm mate from the Dominican and a girl from Canada. It was then decided I would take surf lessons.... :) and head to Hermosa beach.

Below are pictures..... I just realized it is nearly 11:26 and I need to get changed for the beach. More update on my sweet wave catching, sunset, frog killing and my plan for tomorrow.

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