Sunday, June 2, 2013

Molly on Honduras

First Name: Molly (or Miss, I forget!)   
Where you are from: Hogwarts, England
Grade you taught: 3rd


Molz as I often called her. Creative, crafty and always up for anything. I am so grateful that Molly was here for this year and happy to know my kids will be loved on by her next year. She will be their third grade teacher! (As well a Midlands trip is in my future)

Read below a few of Molly's thoughts on our time in Honduras.....

"Looking back the one thing I will never forget about Honduras is, How quickly and dramatically it shifted my priorities and outlook on life. I know that from now on I will be forever telling people about “when I lived in Honduras…”. And I will never get sick of sharing the stories (although I’m sure some will be sick of hearing them!)

"The thing I will miss the most isn’t a thing, but the people; most specifically the children. I spend my days at school teaching 48 fabulously exuberant kiddies, and even on the most testing of days, I still feel so blessed to have the little monkeys in my life. Then there are the kids from Cañaveral, the orphanage and Alison’s girls. They have all shaped my experience here, so I’m going to miss each of them terribly."

"If I were to sum up this past year in one word it would be: Transcendent (.....or unicorn if I’m being flippant)"

Love you lots Molly!

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