Monday, June 3, 2013

Faye on Honduras

                                                                  Name:  Faye Morris
London, England
                                                                 Taught:  1st Grade A

Our first night in our house together...  in our giant apartment/ house above the chinese restaurant we drank two beers and toasted to the ten months that laid before us. Now within a few days is the end of that ten months. Cheers to you Faye, for becoming not only one of my dearest friend but as well sharing your room with me. I will never forget you telling the story how your kids were instructed to draw a picture of something heavy, when you could not recognize the picture and you asked your student what they drew, your little first grader happily replied, "It's you miss!". I only hope one day my children have a teacher just like you. You will be an incredible teacher wherever you are. I so look forward to our New York trip reunion in our future (or visiting you in London) Love you!

Our house the first night....

Here below are Faye's thoughts about our time in Honduras. Enjoy!

Looking back the one thing I will never forget about Honduras is:  Just how beautiful this place is. A million times more beautiful than all the other countries in Central America (although I may be a little biased) but nobody comes here! It's easy to forget how beautiful it is but then something takes your breath away. I love how the mountains always look blue and you can always hear birds, any time of the day. I love how diverse it is, from the Bay Islands to the big cities, it never disappoints. Niether words nor photos can do this place justice."

My favorite thing I did while living in Honduras was: Rio Dulce Part One- there'e no better way to spend a day than getting drunk on boat in great company. Starting on the booze so early, the sun shining, everybody getting along, the pineapple juice, the coconuts, Livingstone, the hair braids, talking about the meaning of life with Matt in the sun, hot springs, breaking the boat, the spectacular sunset, margaritas, dancing, singing. Perfect day with the best of friends.

The thing I will miss the most is: Definitely my kids. Even when they've been horrendous I can't be mad for long because they're just too cute. 

Thanks for everything.... Love Kristina

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