Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kylie on Honduras

First Name: Kylie
Where you are from: Fayetteville, AR

Grade you taught: Second
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I knew of Kylie before she arrived in January..... she was Matt's best friends girlfriend who lived in Arkansas. Matt predicted that Kylie and I would become good friends...... well.... Matt you were right. With no hesitation Kylie joined our family and fit right into place. (almost as though she had been here the whole time). She co-taught with me, the other second grade class and became my fellow roommate yogi. Kylie, thank you for loving your kids as much as you do, making me laugh, making the brownies,  movie watching and for all the memories.  I am so grateful that you came to Honduras even if it was only since January. As well it was so wonderful to meet your parents and your other half Shep.
Read Kylie's thoughts below on her time in Honduras.....

Looking back the one thing I will never forget about Honduras is, Josafat (pictured below)
The famous Josafat
The thing I will miss the most is, Josafat
What I learned while living here, How to love someone like a son.
My favorite thing I did while living in Honduras was Kayaking with Matt at 4 am in Omoa....
If I could pick one thing that if I had the option to change
 would have found buffet orchidea (in their new location) earlier :)

Picture taken at the D and D with a  visit from Kylie's parents and Matts parents in April. 

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