Friday, March 22, 2013

Its Spring Break....

I am at this moment streaming the Kansas Western Kentucky game, my fan is blowing on full speed and I am laying in bed......Only one more sleep stands in the way of a week at the beach.... 9 of us are heading to the Honduras Island of Utila for the week of Semana Santa (Holy Week, or Spring Break) tomorrow morning... if you look on the map below you can see that the red A is where we will be.... Tomorrow night we will spend the night in the coast town of La Ceiba and will then wake up on Sunday to catch the ferry to the island on Sunday morning. I am not going to be traveling with my laptop so the blog will be silent for a week. Sorry :(

You can be sure that I will recap when I get home, and dont worry the island has college basketball on TV :) So I will be cheering!

I wanted to give a quick update on the end of the school week and Science Fair. The Science fair although I can't say went flawlessly, it  did happen and it is now over. (thank goodness)

My kids did a great job and they were very excited to show off their projects. I am proud to say that one of my third grade girls Kensy, was given the best overall presenter award! I was so excited for her.... she certainly loves to talk so it is very fitting....  Much to my surprise my kids in third grade, who made a telephone out of cups to show how sound moves, WON! I could not believe it. They won 1st overall over all the 3rd grade projects, 2nd grade projects and 1st grade projects. It was a long day on our feet but one that was kind of fun (so hot).. It was nice to meet some parents, and see my kids proud of the work they had done.

Last night we bid farewell to Jason (resident tour guide at the D and D Hostel Brewery). He is heading back to New York. It is a bittersweet goodbye see as that he arrived just a few weeks after us and was apart of our family here. He is on to bigger and better things and I look forward to seeing all that is in store for him. He will be missed. Here are some pictures from our celebration.

My roommate and I. Knowing that our mutual cheering will only last so long :)

With no school today, Kylie and I spent our day with last minute packing, cleaning, watching Honduras play Mexico and stopping by the orphanage to visit my favorite buddy...... Arturo is still as cute as ever.... so are his sisters.

Artruo and his sisters...

going to take him home.
Hope yall have a wonderful week. I know I look forward to the sun, the sand, the ocean and relaxing.... warmest to you Kristina

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