Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home. Dancing With The Angels

back to reality. reality being in true honduran fashion.... being left at the airport with nobody to retrieve me. yes this happened today. I waited... waited some more and watched as the airport cleared. No bus. No sight of anyone looking for a gringo like me. With two large bags in tow I went to the nearby phone  kiosk and asked to borrow the charger for my honduran phone (it was dead). I called my roommate who confirmed that our bus driver was indeed meant to fetch me but if he was not there it must meant they got the time mixed up. This is indeed what happened. Without a second thought I got in a taxi, asked him to drive me an hour and half to my house because I was not ready to get on the bus. When your ready to be home, your ready to be home.

So home I am. Home being the ever growing mold on the ceiling, the hot humid weather, the lights that dont work, brushing your teeth in the dark, but most of all the best roommates homecoming anyone would be lucky to have. I have missed them. It is good to be here. It has not changed (suppose its been only three weeks) but with all of its idiocracies it is home and for that I am grateful.

So tonight I rest my head on my pillow... with the fan on full blast, my bags still nearly full, next to faye in our room. Tomorrow I will get to see my kids and will be giving them big hugs because it feels like ages since I have seen them. I cannot wait. My mom grabbed some airheads for me to take to them and I hope they are excited about the mystery flavor ones as I was when I was their age. (The white package is a surprise flavor). It will be chaos I am sure but I am looking forward to their sweet faces.


As well your warmest thoughts and prayers are asked for the family and friends of Amy Dibias Patwa. I spoke of her before on this blog here and here ...

Months ago Amy wrote this:

"i have my opinion and desires for how i’d like our stories to be written. but i trust God more than i trust myself. i know He loves us and desires way more for us than I could even fathom. now there are times where i’d take the boring life with nothing impactful happening. but that’s not what He’s got in store for us." - Amy DiBias Patwa 

With tear filled eyes, I mourn the loss of a dear friend. Amy thank you for being who you were. For living life deliberately. So joyful knowing you are dancing with the angels tonight.

To watch an incredible video of her and her daughter and hear of a friends afternoon spent with Amy click here. (warning tissues are needed)

May you too sleep soundly in whatever you call home... Warmest Kristina

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