Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruin Adventuring.

Louisville Won, Broncos lost, Kentucky lost. First one is most important. Second one is most depressing. Third One does not matter. 

I was home just in time to catch the 4th quarter, the ridiculous play call to not go for it, when Denver still had two timeouts left and 30 seconds on the clock, home field advantage, playoff at stake, and not to mention one of the most respected best players at the helm...... as a former resident of that city that I sometimes wonder what I was thinking leaving congratulations on a great season. 

As for yesterday I jumped in the car with Philip, Matt, Bobby and Kylie for a two hour drive down south towards Tegucigalpa to explore ancient ruins that have remained for the most part untouched. We stood atop mounds that underneath  have steps leading up to large towers (not sure what the real term is). 

On our arrival we had trouble locating these... we stopped to ask the police, where he then asked a local resident to point us in the right direction. Amidst fields of grazing cattle, mango trees, cucumber fields we were able to make out large mounds that were clearly not apart of the natural landscape. It was an incredible view of the mountains and we enjoyed adventuring picking up bits of old pottery, pretending for a a while we were as Bobby mentioned "Indiana Jones". 

Following our day in the sun, we wandered to a village to attempt to locate the home of the local guide and president of group that seeks to preserve the ruins. We asked more than a few people where he lived. Eventually we were led to a very quaint house where we kindly paid for the guides he has that were for sale. If you were driving down the gravel road through the farms you would miss this large heritage site. There is no money available for excavating and creating a park so for now this part of history remains quiet on the banks of this small village.

We had lunch in Comayagua the old capital of Honduras. The food was really good and the sun was even better. Although Kylie and I have pretty incredible red lines from our shirts.

Getting home I watched the end of the Broncos season and redeemed the night with trashy tv. Kylie and I capped our night starting the new bachelor. Embarrassed for a few of the girls we started making our first picks for who would be left in the end, but if we had it our way... it would be us at the end with him. Sean.. Sean.. Sean.... we are fans.

Here is our route below.

Our journey south. The border to El Salvador as you can see on the bottom left is not that far.


Spanish practicing at its finest.

Philip with the local guide who saw our car and walked up.
stopped in the road by this herd.

Fishing Honduran style. The man in the top left of this picture, look close he is in the tree. He had a shot gun and preferred shooting at the fish to kill them.
Comayagua Church in the middle of the square.

incredible sunset.
This week was busy... included a run through town and our village with Matt. Lots of yoga, a boat ride.... it was very busy and tiring. Friday night was family dinner. Rose and I were the cooks for the evening. We just got a new restaurant/ small room that sells food in town.... that does incredible rotisserie chicken.  We opted to purchase chicken and then make stir fry vegetables, rice and for dessert cookies. As well we cut small coconuts in half (Philip cut them in all fairness, we were in need of a machete but thanks to Philip our idea was a reality with a butter knife and some elbow grease . We took the coconut juice out of them added some lime, some rum and a bit of orange juice. Here is Molly and Faye demonstrated....

The boys decided to see if they could get a knife to stick to the portable wall in our house. Knife throwing competition  then began in our kitchen. (really good idea if you ask me) The wall then fell down onto our table.....cracked the above pitcher. Needless to say this activity came to an end.

We had a big debate about which states were the largest in the US and the most populated etc. So to demonstrate the size of Alaska compared to the rest of the US. We found this picture.
Today should be a day of lesson planning, getting organized for the week ahead and planning some upcoming weekend trips.... For now I am getting ready to head out with Allison to walk.

Happy Sunday yall

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