Friday, January 18, 2013

Two Weeks In....

Just as we sat around the fire thursday night the rain began to pound the leaves above... we all scrambled to get under the roof in time....  we sat around to laugh about the ridiculousness of this place. we took a silly quiz on the usa state capitals (43 out of 50). a order of french fries later and meeting new people who are passing through while traveling central and south america for the coming months, you realize that its these moments that make life really sweet. that keep you coming around for more.

thursday five people joined in faye and I's room to do yoga, it was really great. today faye kylie and me did yoga for an hour (but honestly it seemed a bit like like eternity). thanks to my roommates, day 12 of 30 straight of yoga, has not only continued but been welcomed.

in other news my bed broke, the pegs underneath have broken off but the cinder block from the porch is making do just fine. except the bottom right corner of the bed is pegless. wednesday night i slept at an angle so my head was up and my body facing down (my bed was slanted). i think i am good to go atleast for now.

i watched the bachelor with kylie thursday night... we triple streamed from a few websites while the other websites slowly loaded. after seeing the girl on the bachelor with only one arm, we attempted to tie our hair in a pony tail with one hand. (not possible, well at least for us) not sure how she did it...

my kids had a lot of fun playing with the giant dice i brought back from the states. we played boys vs. girls simple addition with the dice. it was a game of who could add the quickest. the boys won. We sang a ridiculous amount (let me preface by saying that I SANG a ridiculous) amount of nursery rhyme rewritten phonics learning songs. As well my kids did really well on their spelling tests..... the best scores they have had yet.

two of my roommates worked all day to prepare for our South African themed dinner that was tonight. they served amazing chicken, grilled cheese paninis, salad, mashed potatoes and some other things with really cool afrikans names that i will not be able to spell correctly. we are all really full.

as well Amy, the cleaning woman at our school, who now cleans our house every Saturday showed us her new watch and shoes she bought with the money we paid her. She was so excited.

Each of us girls (6 of us) pay her 50 limpiars (honduran currency) every Saturday. This is equivalent to $2.50 per person. She earns a total 300 limpiars, or $15.00 every Saturday. She cleans everything, makes our beds, dishes, bathrooms, everything.... In one months time Amy will earn 1200 limpiars which is $60.00 USD from cleaning our house. Let me quickly put into perspective.... she works full time at our school first one at the school cleaning, and the last one to leave the school cleaning. She earns from our school 2000 limpiaras a month. $100.00 USD a month. We have almost doubled her income just by having her clean one day a week at our house. She does an incredible job and we are so grateful for her.

today was a good day at school.  today I sat down to have a chat with my class about upcoming exams and had their full attention. I told a funny story or something (do not remember what) but my entire class started laughing. You have know idea how wonderful it is to listen to heartfelt honest belly laughs from seven and eight year olds. Or when one of them decides in mid silence to shout out, "Sexy Lady!!" (in case you do not know what this is a reference too, the famous gangnam style song that has become popular around world)...... it was a day make moment.

tonight i go to sleep in much cooler weather than normal. worn out from a busy day of school but looking forward to spending the weekend in our town, finishing up some kids school work, watching louisville play basketball tomorrow and just relaxing.....

I also would like to make sure to send a special happy birthday to my former colleague and dearest friend meagan day who is currently celebrating in arkansas. May you have a wonderful day... and cheers to more margaritas celebrating birthdays in our future!

Erin, Me and Meg on Derby Day 2012

Night to all of you.... warmest from cold central america and my neighbors who are currently playing the song "More than Words" really loud for me to hear....

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