Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scenes from Here

Already Wednesday? Where did this week go? The weather here was really cold, low 50s. Let me disclaimer before you think to yourself, that's not cold at all.....when it is a nice 50 degrees outside in the States, you have your heat on inside. Your house is nice and toasty. In Honduras if it is in the low 50s outside then in your house (ours in this case) is even colder. Our house is made of concrete cinder blocks, tin roof and tile floor so we girls bundled up like it was below zero, with what little warm clothes we have. For example Alison wore her beach towel around her to keep warm..... we watched movies, drank tea and coffee around the has been really chilly at night..... something that I think in a few weeks time we will be wishing to have back. Dandiest thing, always wanting what you cant have.

Speaking of which my dear friend Megs told me today she was longing for summer days and country music.... Which had me thinking of Colorado and hard to believe a year ago I was skiing in Vail for the weekend, heading to work on Mondays to my new job position. Snow covered the ground in Colorado and I made my far too often visit to Starbucks.  How times have changed.. Change for the best.

I stumbled across this book.... excited to read it. Here is a quote from the book below:

“And for me, I’ve realized that I used to be afraid of failing at the things that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

Night from here. to you over there..... enjoy picture from this week....

Saddest alert ever on my phone. Streamed the whole game. Screamed and shouted.  Feeling better now... just hoping we learn now so we do not make the same mistakes come March
View from my bed. Dance Sing Floss and Travel. (thanks lululemon)
New coffee shop in town serves up an incredible latte. 
Roommate molz carrying a book on her head from my room.
Matt just eating lunch with a first grader.
Must see movie list that Kylie and I have created. This is what happens when it is  nasty weather and raining.
Weather from the soccer field.

Love this...... Yoga day 17 complete. 
Watching the Bachelor and dying laughing at the tears, the drama, the whole thing.
My kids today copying their study guides. They were being so good.
Faye after a hard day at school.
Tonight while at the D and D, Paul, who we met while in Rio Dulce my birthday weekend was staying for the night. He is passing through on his way down to Nicaragua. He let me know that he had a bunch of pictures from my Birthday Boat ride. Here is one he took of our pontoon. Hilarious.

Meet "Little Creature" the cat that lives at the D and D Brewery. She was sleeping up on the CD player on top of the refrigerator ......It was heated... 

tonights fire around at the d and d.

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