Sunday, January 20, 2013

Every Minute

I have spent many a moments thinking about what comes after this. My roommates are applying, some planning to go to Mexico, some already sure of what is in store for them come June. I can confidently say that just when I think I have something all planned out, I second guess myself, start thinking no that's not what i want to do.

I think about teaching in the US, having my own classroom, loving kids there and I get excited. I think about working with children in another avenue, with orphans and widows, or in a center that works with families getting assistance and aid. I think about getting a business job, something I am not closed off too and rather investing my personal time with children.... I think about going back to school, because no matter what career path I seem to come up with it appears school is needed or maybe it is not. I think about my former job, my cubicle, moving people around the world and a small glimpse of relief is placed in my heart. Knowing full well that that season of work is done. That that job was so necessary to get me to Honduras, but knowing full well that something else is on the horizon.

I think for a few moments I could go again some place new. Some place adventurous. If you have spoken to me recently I have a developed fascination with New Zealand. Some say my Colorado love affair would look like a mere crush to what I will feel in New Zealand..... but alas I am not booking my flight straight away...

If any of you have any ideas, leads, jobs in Louisville? Jobs that perhaps you think to yourself, "thats a great position for Kristina", I am willing and open to listen. If you have any thoughts on neither well that's OK too... because for now I am here. For now I am going to be here for this season. Trying not to anticipate worry to much and or loose sleep over the unforeseen future. Who has time for that anyways...... besides everything in the past has ALWAYS worked out for something much grander and much greater than I myself could have ever come up with on my own. Regardless of what is in store I am overwhelmed with the gratitude that comes from knowing that something new and excited is coming my way......

Today I am choosing to be grateful for where I am at,  the rooster calling, misty cloudy morning, and the third grade science and english exams I have left to write this morning....

"For every minute
that I get to share with you,
I will be thankful."


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