Saturday, January 19, 2013


learning to find joy in little things. celebrate what happens in real time without trying to wish too much time away, is a real challenge. but it is simply the best.....

When I describe to others what living here is like, one of the only ways i can attempt to explain is by saying i experience real joy. real joy that comes from the faces of children. real joy that is found in tasting the really sweet watermelon that you just paid one dollar just up the road. real joy in a hot cup of coffee that you know was carefully tended too by people that live in our village.

joy from watching our house cleaner put on my jeans because she just ripped her own cleaning our house. she smiles and says "thank you prof"....

smiling because I am eating smartees in my bed while watching college gameday live from butler on my computer at ten o'clock in the morning all the while painting my nails.

complaining because of the chilly air that is finding its way through our house....

enjoying the overcast day, that makes staying in bed, watching tv, reading my new book, and drinking coffee all day long not only fantastic but totally excusable.

facetiming my sister just moments after she wrote on facebook that she wished we could drink coffee together. thanks to the Internet we can.

trip planning for spring and this summer. incredible backdrops for kayaking. volcano's. drinking champs. starry nights. scuba diving. beach drinks. hiking..... its is enough to get anyone excited.

listening to ed sheeran.... just bought this cd. obsessed.

looking back at pictures from the week would make you smile too........

Henry.... Notice that he skipped over problem 2 and 3 because he could not reach so he opted to answer number 4.

Cockroach next to Kylies coffee. We left him to lie there for a day or so.  

Louisville Fan officially created. 

Freezing day at school. Ignore how I look but notice how Nahomy and I had matching black jackets.

South Africa themed dinner night... 

Watermelon.. so sweet.

Making signs for my class..... and watching college gameday. 

And here it is..... The Louisville Cheer......

from one full heart to hopefully yours as well. kristina

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