Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Hour Nap. Amy.

It is a bit of strange thing to imagine someone writing your obituary. What would they say? People love to use this as a segway to challenge us to think about the legacy we leave. Pastors use this to motivate us to be good people, to make good decisions..... if I had a dollar for every time I have heard this used as a platform for a sermon.... welp....

But, what I find most compelling about an obituary is we are not the ones writing. An obituary is someones retelling of what they saw in you, who you were to others, the person you were to the world....

I came across this writing about my friend Amy Dibias Patwa who lost her battle with cancer just weeks ago..... one could only hope to have someone say such things about them when they are gone..........

Because she didn't wear a mask. She was real. She was quick to invite others into the home of her heart, even though there were dirty dishes in the sink. Amy knew she was broken and she was willing to share her pieces. 

Amy was relationally brave. Willing to risk. Willing to fight. She was irreverent. She chose truth over couth. She plunged head first into the lives of her friends, not fearing the messes she might find. She wasn't foolish enough to believe she could clean up herself, or anyone else, but she was confident in the One who could.

During Amy's funeral, her pastor, Mark Upton, shared a quote from Bill Goans. "The more serious you take the Gospel, the less serious you take yourself." That described Amy to a T.  She was so convinced she was Abba's beloved that she lived with the passion and joy of a child. One can only imagine how big she's smiling now.

thanks Amy.

as well happy Wednesday to all of you. i just woke up from a three and half hour nap. something must be wrong with me! kidding but I have to admit I take way too much pride in how badly I am at taking naps, but today I think I have stepped up my game. Longest nap ever............ here's to trying to sleep now.

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