Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Short and Sweet

Today was a good day. One of those days at school I would redo all over again if I could. Not sure if everyone failed to give me the memo but 9 of my kids were out today. This is nearly half my class. It was so much nicer to have a small class..... I quickly opted to not begin a new lessons knowing it would have to be retaught the next day. As an alternative I decided we would do fun activities..... So I got out the paints. I then grabbed a cardboard box and placed a piece of construction paper in the bottom, I then dipped rocks in paint and rolled them back and forth making a design (did not have a ball).  It did not matter that my kids thought it did not look good, it made me really happy (does anyone else remember doing this when they were a kid?... maybe you used a golf ball? just me ok cool) While they were busy painting everything but the pieces of paper on their desks... I sat back and watched letting them get a little messy. Sometimes a mess is just what they need.

At one point while trying to get them all to wash their hands and return to class, I yelled, "Your all rubbish! Get back in class!" Yes that is what happens when you have British roommates. You adopt strange vocabulary :) ( I would be lying if I did not think that word was pretty great)

After school my roommates and I decided to try the new Pilates video I brought back. After laughing hysterically at the odd camera angles (focusing in on the ladies backside) and then the most bizarre rolling superman move and what appeared to be an odd video of nothing like Pilates, we called it quits. (Word to wise, do not buy this  video, amazon reviews backup how horrible this video is) Needless to say we got a good laugh and a few ballet moves in. (turned it off after 24 minutes).

Today is day 9 straight of yoga every day for 30 days. I would have gladly not practiced today but alas Kylie joined me and we broke out a sweat and did a nice 20 minute session.

Many of you probably saw but I did teach my kids the CARDS cheer in class... I will post the video sometime. I will tell you that it is now one of their favorite things. I announced that my team did win the very important game on Monday night and they all screamed. Then they broke out in the cheer........ My immediate reaction was that they were being a bit loud... however I grinned as they made the hand motions and screamed far to loud for a school. Louisville fans in the making here in Honduras.

Warmest from my home to yours... wherever that may be.

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