Thursday, January 10, 2013

That Which Matters Least

"This is so not what I had hoped for..... but nonetheless some things do not change here. It is raining in our house.... like properly raining... our floor is soaked and the ceiling is coming in... makes me want to cry. i know there are people just outside our window with nothing and some sleeping not knowing if they will have a home in the morning. I know this. But for some reason today I hate this. Hate is a strong word but seems appropriate. Atleast for this moment".

These words were written two days ago. I would be lying if this week has been not incredibly frustrating, hard and good at the same time. If that is at all possible (to feel all those things at once). The reality of this place seems to have smacked me right across the face. Everyone says just give it some time and as per usual my stubborn self is already seeing this come into fruition.

Trying to look at the glass half full and focus on the good.... (thanks to molly for the inspiration who is a doing a year of weekly blessings, committing to writing one blessing for each day) My kids have had a really good week. Lessons are going well and we have been able to get right back into our books. I have been able to laugh with them and get excited when they learn something new. I as well feel like my kids did not completely forget everything over the holidays. small victories people. (fingers crossed). All of us are ready for the weekend.... and really grateful that tomorrow is Friday.

As for me and my above ramblings from two days ago, I am already feeling much better.... getting readjusted. While on the lake for the afternoon I learned a valuable lesson....."I take for granted  how beautiful it is here". It is something you cant even properly explain. As well I have started 30 days straight of yoga. Day 1 being Monday January 7, 2013.  I have a new mat.... If your looking for a light weight, easy to travel with mat, I recommend it. Purchase it here . Wednesday Lotte and my new roommate Rose joined in with me. Lotte put it perfectly, "I missed doing yoga with you, its like I tell myself she is still going so I keep going too". I could not agree more. It is really nice to practice with other people, thrive of others energy.

Although 2013 somewhat frightens me because of the lack of plans I have come July, I could not be more excited for this year.... New year new things and so much to look forward too to name a few (no particular order and I am sure I forgot countless things).....

  • Louisville basketball. You may take the girl out of Louisville but my loyalty remains true. just thinking about being at the Louisville Kentucky game just two weeks ago makes me real happy. it was even better than i could have hoped. (we won for those who do not watch). I so look forward to streaming games from my humble honduran abode.
  • more and more more yoga..... my enjoyment of yoga only continues to grow and being in a place that offers free heated rooms thanks to fantastic year around heat and humidity, it is basically free hot yoga for all. 
  • traveling come June. spending the last few weeks in central America soaking in all of its goodness. (wish it were already here)
  • more Guatemala, belize, more of Honduras.
  • learning more, reading more. maybe back to school for me come fall..
  • teaching second graders. staring at the face of god in their eyes. they know forgiveness better than anyone i know. they forgive and forget. give the biggest hugs. drive you crazy and melt your heart all in the same 2 minutes time.
  • family dinners and cooking. more laughter. more sharing meals with people
  • being intentional. being present. 
  • being humbled by 7 and 8 year olds every day
  • spending a week in February with my family. being in Texas for valentines day with my parents.
  • knowing a visit to Colorado is near and necessary
Surely I will add to this list... no resolutions per say. Just learning more and more about how stubborn I am. How much time I waste worrying on those things that are so insignificant. Thursday evening I spent facetiming with a dear friend..... my heart is super full but sure made me miss Colorado. Missing the snow, skiing, the mountains and now that the broncos are in the playoffs it makes me miss Denver. But alas I am certain I am right where I am supposed to be.

Here are scenes from the week.

MOLD. No explanation needed.
No more mold. Hole in the ceiling. 

Reading with the seventh grade. We have reading buddies.
Sharon in Science.

Reading Buddies. My kids love this.

Streaming Louisville Basketball

Today we were treated to a ride on the Lancha at the Hotel las Glorias. It was a beautiful day. You don't need me to tell you, you may see the pictures below.

Matt serving up the wine the owner of school had on the boat for us after school today.

Really liking the below today...
Thank you Luluemon for the reminder.
Warmest to you today. Tommorow is Friday!

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