Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have been fortunate to see lot of sunsets in my day, many of which I have captured on camera.... others that have incredible memories attached to them......

1. Tela, Honduras, last October for Fayes Birthday
2. Rio Dulce, Guatemala, my 25th birthday. Sunset on a boat.
3. Hiking the Volcano Picaya, in Guatemala Thanksgiving.
4. Spring Break Junior year of college, somewhere in the middle of the caribbean sea.
5. Florence Italy, sunset picnic overlooking the city.
6. Denver from Happy hour roof.
7. Vienna Austria, by myself in 2008.
8. Rockies games. Sunset on the mountains.
9. Sunset on Wakiki, Hawaii freshman year of college 2007. 

I can now say the sunset on the Lake last night just minutes from our house... may take one of the top spots in my list of sunsets... no need for me to say much. Other than we were picked up by Chicken bus in the middle of town. (chicken bus which in central America is an old USA school bus). Filled with our dearest friends who are our family here, two kegs of beer and fire wood we headed to the sunset spot on the lake. The owner of the hostel brewery decided to invite all of the guests that were staying that evening at the hostel, so with about 30 people or so, (spanning from Ireland, England, Australia, the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Honduras, Guatemala, Italy and Sweden we celebrated Bobby's birthday in style.

Chicken bus birthday party.
Our ride to the bonfire.
Rooms..... Faye Me and Kylie.

How many boys does it take to build a fire?

Kylie with her toilet paper leaf.

Laughing at who knows what.

With our British Unicorns Up.
Bus ride back to the D and D

What is a Honduran Birthday without a Pinata.

Happy Birthday Bobby. Cheers to more nights like tonight in your future.

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