Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Letter to Things...

Days ago I wrote a post here that consisted of Letters. Letters to things part 2.... happy day yall

Dear words,

You have the power to mend, to break and to heal even the faintest of hearts. You offer comfort and with the same lips you can offer pain. Although today I am grateful that long ago someone used these words and said, "Wherever you are, Be all there". I am certain God spoke these words to someone long ago.....now every day these words are a reminder to be present where I am. All there. All in. Who has time to halfway do things. All in with relationships, with people, with my kids, with loving big.....

my bed.


Dear Arturo.... Your sweet face. Your shirt says Captain poopy pants. Its ok that your shirt is meant to be a onesie and you are wearing it as a t-shirt with the buttons hanging down. You look so cute. We met in December and I fell in love with you then. I can assure you that only a few more visits stand between me sweeping you away and taking you home with me. 

love me who was given much more from you then i gave you


Dear roommates since August,

For being the greatest group of three women I have had the privilege of living with. For being the same women who encourage me to love this place and as well remind me when I am being totally ridiculous. Who teach me how to love kids well. Who keep me learning knew things about myself and humbling me about the world. For making me wish sometimes that I too called South Africa or England home...... here's to finally getting a picture of us together that is not taken at the beach.
Alison, Me, Faye, Molly

Dear Yoga Day 23. Stronger I feel, happy is my heart thanks to you. To my ever continuing practice. To the challenge ....thanks for keeping me healthy. thanks for making me believe I could actually do this thing.... bring on the next day.

with gratitude kristina

Dear Hymn,

Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise,
Thou mine inheritance, now and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of heaven, my Treasure Thou art.

No explanation needed. These words are good ones.... and now I am listening to this song over and over again.... Here.

signed thankful me.

Dear Snowy Colorado,

Thanks for being still awesome even when I am not there. Don't worry its not like I miss you or anything.... (ahem ahem). You won my heart in high school, took my heart in College and now I am longing for it back, pretty sure you still have. My dear friend Megs messaged me on her flight back to Colorado and said, "Oh it feels good to see the snowy mountains again." Soon, soon I will be saying that again.... I miss the mountains, playing in the snow, skiing. Colorado stay classy, because you wear it well.

love ski longing kristina

Dear future,

Thanks for being a surprise. I am learning to let you happen, slowly....... but surely. I am anxious, excited and nervous about so many things. Thanks for creating a new desire for school. I can honestly say I am open and beginning to think that this is the future that is in store or perhaps a new adventure in New Zealand. Whatever you have in store for me, thanks in advance for surprising me.

love anxious me.


Dear Jcrew,

Thanks for reminding me that although I live in a place where people have very little and many have nothing at all, you remind me of my still love for beautiful things. Most specifically clothes. Thanks for teasing me with things that I do not have, nor things that are appropriate for this place. Your new email had me swooning over patent leather and bright colors. Thanks for that.

Love desiring fashionista me.

Dear second graders,

YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! You did so well on your English exam! I am so proud. That is all!

Love Miss Kristina, your ever proud teacher.

happy tuesday to you.

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