Sunday, February 3, 2013


tired. a bit discouraged about things. but hey that's life isn't it. i will recap my weekend with the girls perhaps tomorrow but for now I have given up on streaming the super bowl after a frustrating first half of delays.

here is small recap of where I am at right now:

my rain coat- its dying. or should i say it is dead. the seams are ripping apart. Patagonia you know that you hold a special place in my heart and i love all of your things but you have disappointed me. the rainy season that was supposed to have passed is still here and my rain coat pardon my french just sucks.

my pack. my backpacking/ survival bag while living in central America has fallen apart on the side. the frame is poking out. this is the bag I am to travel with for semana santa, the bag to get my things home in, the bag I am to be traveling with for two weeks in june. sigh.

two weeks. one week from Thursday i will be flying to Houston to meet my parents and then on to Mexico for a week. i am counting down like its Christmas. all I imagine is the sun, some relaxation and my family not much more i need. as well spending valentines day in Houston with my parents. knowing my mom will have valentine chocolate for me to indulge in, scattered in bowls on the counter. yep you would be excited too. to this hallmark holiday thanks for the good candy.

day 28. yes that was today. day 28 straight of yoga. ahem ahem. almost there.

bus ride today. long, tiring. my roommate got sick (made it in a bag though). one coach bus. one chicken bus, raining. lots of people. central American roads, long day of travel.

school. got good news about going back for my masters. happy joy. now if only i could decide to do so.

monday. so not ready for you tomorrow. homesick today. missing the super bowl. missing my house in college where we made way too much food, crammed so many people in to watch the game. missing my roommates that care about football as much as I do.

louisville basketball. the boys are back. keep it up. looking good today.

cheers to a new week.

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