Monday, May 6, 2013

Letters to Things May

Handwritten letters and cards will always and continue to be one of my very favorite things.....
Happy Monday to you.... My letters for today.

Dear diet Orange crush,

You are awesome. You make this Monday morning a tiny bit more tolerable. Its true you are my new diet coke.

Love this tired teacher


Dear ever growing Travel Bucket List,

My wandering heart, is so excited to see all the places that you have included. Not to mention those places I have yet to even know they exist. Goodness I have only scratched the surface on Europe and have not even yet started on Asia (starts to overwhelm) so many places. For now I will focus on where I am at the current moment Central America, but you sure do make me excited.

Love this traveling soul


Dear future job,

Whatever you are, wherever you are...... I am going to go ahead and advance give my gratitude. I already know that you are going to be good. I know that you will be a good fit, one just perfect for me. Now if you could do me a favor and not make me wait too long before you reveal yourself.... or if you want to give me hints as to where I should find you that is helpful too. A few clues is all I need.
Perhaps if you wish not to reveal yourself to me, you could let one of my friends know that you have been looking for me and my friends will be sure to relay the message.

Love your future employee :) (currently jobless me)


Dear Black Hunter Boots,

Your in storage, and I have not seen you, in now one years time. I cannot wait for a good rain in Colorado when I can wear you again. You are timeless even Princess Di thought so too. Don't worry if everyone stares at you because I may wear you nearly ever day, my feet are happy with you!

Love your biggest fan... Me


Dear Labor Day Weekend,

You will be spent in Lou. With my whole family in my parents new house. Rudy too. Never been so excited to be back in Kentuck. First home football game for Louisville. Its official flight booked. 

See you end of August, Love this Kentucky girl


Dear Rachel and Erin,

Goodness thanks so much for the skype session last night. I forgot how much joy your bring me. Thanks for filling me in on the ever growing list of soon to be parents, grateful that the both of you did not surprise me and show up on that list :) I like knowing that its not that strange to have gone to CCU and not be a parents expecting my second child right now (despite the overwhelming population that tells us otherwise). Thanks for making me even more homesick for Denver, talking to you both was a small foreshadow to countless memories we will be making upon my return. As well your offer to help me move, get my car, may seem like small gestures but knowing you are willing to assist has lifted a tremendous burden. Last but not least... the mini marathon. lets do it. and that girls trip to a fun new city we have never seen? lets do that to.

See you in July
Love your old roommate soon to be roommate again EZ


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