Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dia de Mayo.... (No school hump day)

Today we did not have school. Today was a national holiday, Dia de Mayo (day of the worker/Labor Day) for most of countries in Central and South America. For the random mid week day off I decided that I would have a "Kristina" day. A day for myself... get some things done, take some time for myself..... I had a lingering task, to work on my resume so that was one of the top priorities.

One of the first things I did after making coffee was I bought new music, the (old/ new) Fray cd. (new to me). The Fray reminds me of Colorado. Listening to the first CD while driving up to ski singing loud in the car with Sam. (good memories) It was my motivation for the day....I can happily say while consuming cups of coffee I finished updating my resume (she is all complete). I cleaned my room, threw things away, did a load of laundry and washed towels and my sheets. Kylie and I did and hour of yoga too. I was able to skype with a friend and my family which was simply icing on top of the day. It was so nice to spend the day just not looking at time and relaxing while accomplishing things....

Speaking of time.......Faye and I spoke briefly last night about what our next few weeks are going to look like and the places we have yet to see in Honduras that we would still like to visit. It is hard to believe that we have only 6 weeks in Honduras left..... (WTH). The next few weeks are about to get very busy.....

This weekend we will be staying in town. We have family dinner Friday night (Alison and Faye cooking). Saturday I am going to host a Derby celebration at our house, make mint juleps, drink mimosas and make some food. Derby day is one day of year (or week for that matter) that I am incredibly homesick. One of the best days.....

In honor of Derby I even had my kids decorate jockey silks in class..... As well we picked horses. If the horse my kids picked wins the Derby they get a package of cookies. (similar to chips ahoy) Should the horse get second they get candy.... My kids as most do picked based on the color of the horse and the color of the jockey silks... :) It was still a lot of fun to show them pictures of the horses and read the names off... Many of them have copied the horse names down so they can watch their houses on Saturday.

I have a few more things I need to sort out and complete but today was a well spent day.......I still have yet to confirm my Honduras on to Nicaragua down to Costa Rica route.... I am trying to decide the cities that I want to stop in.... I do not want to spend my days on a bus when I have just about a week to travel so I prefer choosing one place... Managua or San Juan del Sur? Old colonial city or Surfer Beach town? Decisions Decisions......... but Friday June 14 I must arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica to begin Yoga School. (crazy?!?!?)

So for now I am off to bed..... it is well past my bed time.....But not before wishing a Very Special Happy Birthday to one of my dearest old friends.... the next door neighbor who I would run over to see every day. Grateful you moved in when I was two years old and now 23 years later we are still Best Friends. Love you a whole lot Stefanie and hope you have a wonderful day!

Stefanie, Chelsea and Me

 Warmest to you... Happy almost Derby Day :)

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