Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Weekend in Our Town.

One last weekend in our town and how do we spend it? Together. (Next weekend we are going to the beach together for one last Tela beach weekend)

On Friday as the bell rang I walked Alison's first graders out to the buses (which meant we marched, walked with our hands on our heads, and I had them follow me around in circles). Something happens to kids when they get to second grade. They become so independent and rotten. Her first graders were so sweet. My kids run out the door at the bell.

It was beautiful Friday afternoon. Alison, Rose and I walked home from school. I was only home minutes before Matt decided that we should go back to school and steal the flat screen TV (we asked permission) so that we could watch movies this weekend. Never a dull moment around here. Speaking of excitement.........

The mouse has made an appearance every night this week. Thursday night he ran just past me as I tried to hit him with the broom. Needless to say I am a little bitter. I really did not want it to have to come down to this but poison is the only option left. We decided that we have a decadent mouse, so Kylie placed chocolate frosting on top of a banana (he likes bananas, he ate all four of Kylie's the other night). This morning.... the banana is gone and the pizza is gone (all poisoned). Sorry I am not sorry little mouse. Here is to hoping he died outside..... and he is not lying dead some place in our house. (Gross).

Saturday early morning we took a row boat out on the lake..... Matt has mastered the rowing... (much harder than it looks. A little sunburn never hurt anyone....

Alison and I walked home from the lake and stopped for smoothies at the coffee shop. Days like these are what I will miss the most. No agenda and no schedule to keep. As we walked home, we waved to kids running outside, soaked in the sun beaming from up above and admired Santa Barbara Mountain that was crystal clear above us..... As we made our way into town Alison and I talked about leaving..... About all that we have waiting for us and all the worry we often do. Every time God never fails. Things always work out as they should, yet we can never seem to trust the process or be patient in the waiting. For all of us, the reality that waits for us after this is a lot of unknown.... but one thing Alison and I agreed on is that the worry helps nothing...

The rest of the day the others finished a puzzle on our kitchen table and I rested up (fighting off a sore throat). Today I am going into the city (San Pedro Sula) with Alison and Molly to go shopping. I need a few things for my upcoming travels....

Two weeks left.... Two weeks from today I am on a bus to Nicaragua then on down to Costa Rica. Below is short timeline of what I will be up too:

  • A. Saturday June 8, 2013 Leave Pena Blanca (our house) for Tegucigalpa. Stay one night.
  • B. Sunday June 9, 2013 Depart Tegucigalpa, Honduras for Managua, Nicaragua. Arrive in Managua that night. (stay in hostel)
  • C. Monday June 10, 2013 Depart Managua, Nicaragua for San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Arrive in the early morning. 
    • Monday June 10, Tuesday June 11, Wednesday June 12 spent in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. (stay in hostel)
  • D. Thursday June 13, 2013 Bus to San Jose Costa Rica. Arrive late afternoon. (stay in hostel)
    • Friday June 14, 2013 San Jose, Costa Rica Yoga School Starts today until July 12, 2013

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