Thursday, May 2, 2013

True Life: I live in Honduras

While my family dressed up to join a big group of friends, to admire the cheer on the horses racing at Churchill Downs today..... I am here. As seen in my roommates tear filled eyes, this afternoon often the emotions overcome us of this place and we are all getting about ready to go home.

Today my kids, as hilarious as they often are, lived up to their usual expectations.... some of the highlights included: Gangnam style dancing (sexy lady), They asked about the horses (I reminded them yet again the race is not until Saturday) and Watching the magic school bus (episode when they travel through Ralfies mouth to explore the immune system....Human body science lesson people).
As well I am not sure which parent thought it was a good idea but out of the buses came two puppies and a chicken. Thinking surely the parent must be bringing them in and then taking them back home???? Nope. They stayed all day in the classroom. (My roommate was having show and tell, so the kids thought of course I know just what to bring! My animal!)

Oh Honduras.... thanks for keeping me on my toes..... I am grateful for the countless memories I have of this place.... even in your have taught me that in life some of the greatest joy comes from the very simplest of things.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of moment until it becomes a memory"

In honor of the memories I decided a true life dedication to things was appropriate. Enjoy :)

True life my bed is held up from the floor by hand weights and.....

A cinder block.

True life this is the second time we have set this big trap to catch the mouse/rat thing that lives in our house. True life these are our forks. True life our ceiling is falling down (oh and its not painted). True life our extension cord stretches across the door frame to plug in our supposedly hot and cold water temperature device (recently it only makes the water incredibly hot).

True life.... electrical water heating device for our shower..... Yep this is real. I don't make this up.

True life our refrigerator is broken so it is more like a chilled cabinet.... and constantly leaks water... Notice the floor.

True life my kids know joy better than anyone else. So grateful...

Happy Thursday to you wherever you are... Hope you too experience joy in the most ridiculous of things.... Love Kristina

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