Monday, May 27, 2013

Singing Pitbull with my Kids and Sweet Wine

Did you know that birds still sing in the rain..... Its pouring outside at this very moment and the birds are still singing. A bit of a cheesy metaphor but I like it.... do you still find joy when life comes raining down on you...... (Ok really cheesy)

It often sounds as though we live in a bird sanctuary here.... there is one bird that makes a sound as though he is whistling at you..... you know what I mean the low pitch, then high pitch... "Hey girl" kind of whistle. I told Alison that it makes me laugh every time.  I like to think that the bird is whistling at me. As though he is looking at me through the window saying good morning..... :)

Today was one of those days I am certain I will not forget. My kids did an activity where they wrote letters to their future third grade teacher (next year)......Introducing themselves, what class is their favorite, what they do not like, what they look forward to learning in third grade and their favorite candy (just in case the teacher wants to buy it for them). I enjoyed reading my kids replies and basically learned that their favorite part of this year was Art and Physical Education. They dont like English and cant wait to learn about Art in third grade :) too funny.

As my kids worked on their letters I played DJ and took musical requests..... Daddy Yankee, Sexy and I know it, Lord I lift your name on high, Don't Stop the Party, One Direction.... (quite the selection, and yes they knew all the words). So funny to watch as my kids sing..... and dance

The rain is pouring down..... Faye and I are drinking this horrible sweet Malbec wine (WHO ON EARTH MADE SWEET MALBEC???). I saw Malbec and purchased it. But I failed to read the part that said Dulce Natural (Sweet Natural).......epic fail. It is gross. But it was ten dollars of my very large teacher salary so we will drink it anyway....

Happy Monday to you....

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