Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Truth About Honduras

If you a do a google search of Honduras. (Don't worry if you googled because you are not sure where it is on the map) You will probably find the following words come to the top of your findings: coup in 2009, murder, drug cartels, poverty, earthquake and hurricanes. You will probably discover the US Governments strong advisement that Americans should be careful when traveling here or that they should otherwise go someplace else on your travels. 

What google search does not tell nor do the latest news report share is the real story.

It does not tell of the people, the landscape that remains mostly untouched, the hillsides that hover near the tips of the clouds, the birds that sing songs that are beautiful remedies for a country that is rich in soil, lined with coffee fields, faces of sweet children, long eyelashes that surround brown eyes showing wonder and grace, crystal blue oceans that adorn two coasts, providing some of the best snorkeling in the world and some of the most beautiful villages hidden amongst trees and hills.

So before you sit down with your cup of coffee and your Ipad news feed to read that this is statistically one of the most dangerous countries in the world......don't think you are now the expert. That you get to be the one to judge what this place or isn't simply because you have spent twenty minutes reading the pages of CNN or ABC World news while tossing your finger across your E Reader.

You don’t get to be the judge. 

It is much more than the papers will ever write, more than statistics will show, more than words will ever do justice. It is a place that was hand crafted by the same God that created the snow capped Rocky Mountains, the depths of the South Pacific, the jungles of the Amazon, the tundra of the North, the majestic Alps, the rolling hills of the English countryside and the vast Sahara. The same hand made those and this place.

It is a country rich in so many more things than the supposedly "Richest Country in the World" ever thought of being rich in. Rich in things that matter. 

So while you are comfortable, surrounded by all your stuff, don't judge these people, place them in a category, reduce them to a number, nor make statements about what they are or what it is like. 

This place has become my home, one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. And now that I am soon to say goodbye to it, I am realizing I too misjudged this place. 

Thanks Honduras for putting me in my place.

Love Me

****Sorry if it is a bit harsh... I was just as guilty

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