Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Love Letter to my Kids

To my dear second graders (all 22 of you),

Whew, trying to write without tears may be difficult, don't worry they are just simply tears of time. Tears that represent the days, the hours spent investing in you, teaching you, laughing with you, loving you and trying to not kill you. (you must agree sometimes you were pretty rotten).

Thank you for reminding me what it is like to be innocent and to forgive quickly  For teaching me to kick a futbol, to play in your desk without the teacher noticing and for the countless Spanish words you have translated. Thank you for being real, not faking emotion. For crying, laughing, giggling, smiling and being sad all in a few moments time. For working hard and for doing (most of the time) your homework. Thank you for the countless hugs, the I love yous and laughter. For forgiving me for the countless times I have shouted at you.

I pray you never go a day without knowing how special you are. That you know that God does not make mistakes and that no two people are the same. Neither are you.

I pray you know that you are hand crafted with gifts and talents that can and will make a lasting impact on this world, if only for just for one person. I pray that life challenges you, excites you and fills you with joy. I pray that you get to go on adventures. That you get to experience both heartbreak and love. That your life takes you by surprise and takes you places that even your dreams could have never imagined.  I pray that when you dance, you dance boldly with no inhibition. When you sing you sing loudly. When you laugh you let it come from deep in your belly. That when you work, you give it all you have. When you talk to others you chose wise words. When you listen you listen with intention. I pray that you grow up and become a person of integrity, that you live with conviction and you never settle for less than what you deserve.

Know that for the rest of my life you will be carried with me. When I have children of my own they will know about you. Thank you for the greatest ten months of my life and for reaffirming the fact that God is good and that when we trust him, he writes the greatest story for our lives.

Your teacher Miss Kristina


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