Monday, May 20, 2013

June 29, 2012 "Chose Adventure"

June 29, 2012, I remember telling my girlfriends at happy hour. In my honor, my best friend ordered a round of tequila for us. Standing at our our spot in the corner of the bar (Someday that spot will be engraved with our names). My best friend Meg stated perfectly.... "Cheers to Kristina for choosing adventure!"

August 23, 2012, I remember sitting with my three bags packed for the next ten months. Sitting in the Denver airport, staring out the window at the snow capped mountains. Smiling. Knowing I really was doing it. Pinching myself a bit to make sure it was real. I really quit my job and am moving to Honduras.

June 9, 2013, in just three weeks time,  I will board a bus to head south to Nicaragua. (then on to Costa Rica). Leaving Honduras. (for now)

In the past ten months I was a second grade teacher, one of the gringo maestros living in Pena Blanca and a roommate to six incredible girls. I jumped from cliffs, rafted down the Rio, sunbathed in Utila and rode the waves in Tela. Kayaked on the Lake, ruin adventured in Copan, did yoga on the beach, at the hacienda, and in the bay islands, shared many a meals with backpackers at the D and D, rode in the back of countless trucks, cooked many family dinners, hiked to waterfalls, spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala and Antigua, celebrated my birthday in Rio Dulce on a pontoon boat, spent many a nights in the dark laughing with my roommates, watched the killing of a mouse, seen too many bats to count, admired the mountains,  loved on orphans, cried tears of frustration, was homesick, and heartbroken grieving the loss of two dear friends. I spent Christmas in the States with my family, vacationed in Mexico in February. Sang countless days of the week, months of the year songs, did hundreds of yoga classes in my rooms and ran miles with Matt around our town. Celebrated birthdays in Tegucigalpa, sat lost in church while they spoke Spanish, hitchhiked, have eaten countless avocados, watermelons, pineapples and Cabbage.

As Meg said it last June, I chose adventure. An adventure is what I was given and yet so much more.

Only three weeks now before this chapter is finished... Have a great Monday. Hope when you get the opportunity you too choose adventure. Cheers

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