Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mom

 Today I sat and listened to my kids telling me about their moms, telling me that the best thing that their mom cooks is chocolate. That their moms like to sleep and get on facebook to relax.
That their moms are 23 (which I am certain they are not).
They could hardly contain their excitement to tell me the things that make their mom special.

With a big smile, amidst laughter I listened.

 I hope their moms know how special their children are, how smart they are and how grateful I am that I get to be their teacher. I hope they know that when their child gets upset or hurt in class, the only person they cry for, is mom. What a special thing... to be loved and desired so deeply by a child.

As they spoke,  I thought to myself what it must be like to be a mom. To know someone is here because you carried them. For nine months they were growing inside of you. And now the child is eight years old growing, learning, talking, running and playing...... 

This then only leads me think to my own mom.

For those of you that know my mom, you know that when she is spoken of, the conversation often begins with a similar phrase: "I love your mom", "Your mom is so sweet", "Awww Glo".
Every time.
I am never surprised. I am never surprised that the same words spoken of my mom, are spoken every time someone mentions her name. 
She is indeed every bit of the words people speak of.

She is what every child would hope to have in a mom. 
Supportive. Patient. Loving. Honest. Gentle. Kind. Funny. 
She taught me to love people well. Taught me that when in doubt send a card. 
Show up when someone needs. Bring food, give everything you can for someone else.

If there is any ounce of goodness in me, you can be rest assured it can be contributed to my mom. 
I always know that when I hurt, she is only hurting that much worse.
 If you meet her you are instant friends, she wants to know you. 
She asks questions because she desires to know the response. 
She is intentional.
She loves well and I am grateful I am her daughter.

Happy Mothers Day Mom. 
I miss you a whole bunch
Love you a whole lot more
Thanks for being who you are, for being the greatest example for me.

Love Me
(Wish I could be there... See you in August)

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