Monday, April 22, 2013

Letters to Things Part 4

I am continuing my monthly letters to things post........ Enjoy the letters written below. Happy Monday.

Dear mating geckos/ lizards in our house,

Let me start by saying I am sorry. So sorry the flash scared you and interrupted your inappropriate behavior. Perhaps next time choose a more discreet location than the center of the wall in our kitchen to create baby geckos.

From the Paparazzi Me


Dear Denver,

How I cannot wait to see you soon, to bask in all your goodness. To see Washington park filled with people playing volleyball in the summer, to attend Sunday church at DCC, to run your trails, to hike your mountains, to sit at the bar at Lola, to pretend I am back in college at our Elizabeth house with Ez and Rach, to see the snow capped mountains, to eat at your yummy food places...... i have missed you and could not be more excited to call you home again.

As John Denver made you once famous, I can hear the song now, "Rocky Mountain High"
love your soon to be resident again


Dear To Do List,

Yep that's right, conquered so many things on your list today...... took trash out, washed my sheets, fruit and vegetable shopped, wrote my kids report cards, put laundry away, completed lottery for junior league...... next time you try and make yourself so daunting consider yourself warned.

from the one who defeated you today


Dear Mom,

Thank you for coming. For putting up with my many requests for you to come, for booking your ticket and visiting Honduras. Thank you for the chocolate chip cookies that so many people were able to share and eat (the girls in the kitchen at the D and D, Ramon and Lotte, random guests at the D and D, Alison's girls, my roommates, Roman our taxi driver) everyone so appreciated it. I am so glad I was able to show you this place that has been my home for a year. My kids loved you and asked today where you were today. I think they were not the only ones sad to see you go. So grateful for your heart and how you love people well. You taught me to do that. I can't wait for you to come to Denver and visit. See you hopefully sooner than later.

 love Your Daughter

Dear Justin, (you get the longest letter)

The picture of the day we met. One of my favorite pictures. Me and you upon first meeting. My face one bewitched, laughing, caught in action talking to a stranger. You told me that I should have known long before this picture that I had just gotten myself into trouble. I don't refer to you as trouble.  Our meeting was one of the greatest things that has ever happened. I miss you. Shame on you for leaving so soon...... Could you have at least waited till I came back to Denver to see your face one last time. We had plans remember. We were going to relive our days from last summer. 
The shirt that I spilled red wine on over when I was with you........It is now one of my most treasured possessions, reminds me of one of my most favorite evenings in Colorado. 

I have spoken to your family and seems that I am not the only one who thought the world of you. Although if I know you at all your probably laughing at our many tears. You were always good at that. Behave yourself up there. Perhaps you could meet my grandfather, he was quite the ladies man in his day, perhaps you guys could be wingmen in heaven together. (he may give you a run for your money)
Do me a favor and make everyone laugh like you made me laugh. Make people feel special like you were always able to do. Have the whole room in tears from giggling.....

Thanks to you, my children at school think at many times throughout the day something is wrong with their teacher for randomly crying. Puffy eyes I now often have. Thanks so much for that....

This summer I am going to meet your family and share with them all of the good things I knew about you, although I am sure they already know. I imagine they will be just as wonderful as you were.
This fall I will be a Seahawks fan in your honor. (not sure it will last, hopefully the broncos are everything they are supposed to be). I do hope you get to see all the game this year.
I miss you. Everyday.

damn you.... love kristina (from mexico)


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