Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Ol Kentucky Home

Today's post is a special one indeed in honor of a place so near and dear to my heart. A place that I was born, a place I was raised and a place that I have a feeling one day will call me back.

This Saturday the city of Louisville will be put on stage while the everyone watches the Kentucky Derby...... The Run for the Roses.

No matter near or far away the first Saturday in May always holds special meaning......
 Thank you Louisville for making me proud to call you home. 
Being the most northern southern town there is..... (my opinion if you ask me). 
For your fast horses, the sweet taste of a mint julep, your rolling green hills, your old Louisville charm, your incredible restaurants, your Kentucky hot brown, for loving basketball like more than most people love their families, for your summers spent on the lake, for catching fireflies as a kid and for making my childhood now look like scenes from a movie..... (almost too good to be true). 

You are missed but I am so glad I always have a place to go home too. 
(most certainly now that my whole family will be there)

  • The home my parents brought me home from the hospital too.
  • The house where I learned to ride my bike.
  • Where I played basketball with my dad and attempted to shoot threes from the line near the garage. (missed nearly every time)
  • Where my best friend lived next door and we would run between our yards.
  • Where my sister and I lost our hamster in his rolly ball thingy when he rolled out of the garage.
  • Where we waited on the steps Christmas morning.
  • Where we ran after golf balls that dad would hit out of backyard into the field behind our house.
  • Where we ran after the ice cream man as he drove by our street.
  • Where we waited for dad to come driving down the street with his fishing boat behind him and we would hop in the back just to ride up the drive way.
  • A place that was home for the first 15 years of my life.

  • The home that my parents built right before I went into high school. Just down the street from our old house.
  • The house I brought my new car home too on my sixteenth birthday so my friends could surprise me and decorate it.
  • The staircase that hosted many prom pictures.
  • The house that held my sixteenth birthday party, with all of my friends and ruined mom and Dads carpet.
  • The screened in porch that saw many a high school late night study sessions, Saturday morning paper readings and late nights with friends talking.
  • The house that was home for many basketball football watching parties.
  • The neighbors with the adorable kids that my mom played aunt/grandma too.
  • The house that I packed out of to leave for college.
  • The house was home for five years.

From my home in Honduras I will do my very best to pay my respects to my Ol Kentucky Home by making my kids celebrate the Derby. My roommates and I will drink bourbon in the first Saturday in Mays honor and will eat Drink and Be Merry. Happy Derby Week everyone!

More Kentucky Posts in Tow for this week.... As well no School tomorrow. Dia De Mayo (May day!) Woohoo! Whatever it means I will take it :)

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