Friday, March 1, 2013

Letters to Things this 1st of March......

Letters to things.....Happy Friday to all of you....

Dear class,

So glad that making a funny face at you while I walk by your classroom and your supposed to be paying attention to the Spanish teacher, makes you giggle and laugh. Your fragile hearts and honest souls continue to remind me why God calls us all to have a childlike faith. Thank you for that reminder

Love your teacher who was sticking her tongue this morning...

Dear Cabo,

Thank you for the sun that rose each morning, for being a place that the whales migrate too so I could admire their beauty from a small boat (that often felt like it was going to capsize). For your incredible sunsets and crisp morning air. More than anything thanks for bringing my family together for a week to soak up some sun, play cards and spend a week relaxing together.

Love a recent visitor


Dear Louisville Basketball and Rick Pitino,

Yes you have only a week left of regular season, then you move on to big east play in the big apple and then you will receive your bid for the big dance. Play hard and don't make me stream games just to watch you fail to close out the games well. As if the static Internet is not enough, your inability to secure solid shots drives me often crazy.... lets do this. Just play with your heart, that's all I ask. Besides you have a class of 22 second graders in Honduras that know how to do the "CARDS" cheer and I would hate to tell them that you lost. 

Love Cardinal Fan living in Honduras.


Dear Future,

Yep you, still not sure what you hold. Still trying to trust that its OK, because you are often best when it is a surprise....  trying my best to trust that God has something good up his sleeve... Trying to know that you have something even more than I could ever imagine......

Love anxious me


Dear Yoga Training in Costa Rica,

AHHHHH!!! I am so excited yet on the other hand I have no idea what i am in store for. Promise me you will help me pronounce all the crazy terms correctly, and that I will meet incredible people to practice yoga with for 28 days. More than anything give me the wisdom to teach and to hopefully soon find a teaching spot in Kentuck. As well is it too much to ask if  you could help me master a few inversions? 

Love excited future yogi teacher


Dear Mom and Dad,

On August 19, 2013 (sorry previously wrote the 20th) you will celebrate 33 years of marriage. Thank you for being the truest example of selfless love to my sister and I. Thanks for setting an example for something I hope to one day have. Thanks for being true to you and thanks for giving me many of your greatest parts...... Sorry I am scaring you by living here but just know that I am your daughter and you taught me to be strong, to be brave, and to love people well and I am only trying the very best I can to do that here in Honduras. So soon I am coming home to live with you, don't you look forward to that day :) (hehehehe)

Love your youngest daughter me


Dear Snowy Colorado,

Stop It. You are breaking my heart, your powdery goodness on the slopes are making me jealous. Yes the grass may always be greener on the other side but seriously... last year the snow was terrible and I had only a few good days on the mountain. But now you have fresh powder for days and I am desperate to ski.... Just stop already

Love Your former resident.....


Love this one:

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