Sunday, March 3, 2013


Grateful for rainy cold Honduras days that allow me to curl up in my bed and watch movies. For children that are consistent as the sun each morning, that will be rowdy, loud, disruptive, sweet, and will arrive tomorrow morning in their blue uniforms  to school. Grateful for a new month, new start. Grateful for hot green tea that I am drinking right now in our freezing cold house. Grateful for my family, that is far away that I cannot wait to share the same town with again. Grateful for old friends who come back around. And for words shared by someone over the weekend, "I want to be the best version of me for someone else, and I am going to keep going and continue to learn and grow into who that person may one day be." Grateful.

As well I Encouraged by the words shared on this blog, (thanks blogging world for introducing me to encouraging people and revealing truth to me) 

 Here's the miracle of tiny babies: They are a blank slate. They're wide open with promise and grace. They don't see us through the same lens as everyone else in the room. The shadows of our past mistakes don't settle down around our shoulders, making even our good parts seem more like a fluke. They see only who we are right now. Life becomes an opportunity to be exactly who we always knew we were. Everything moves forward, nothing in reverse. 

happy sunday night to you.... kristina

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