Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Ramblings...

I saw a friend from high school that posted a picture of their family roasting peeps over a fire. I miss the cold weather. The change that comes with seasons. I am missing this time of year when the aisles of Easter candy are in the stores, robins eggs, the last month of solid skiing on the slopes, knowing the promise of the coming spring. This time of year is one of my very favorites

Some say they are green with envy over my pictures by the pool from this past weekend but I must admit I equally share the same envy. The grass is always greener on the other side.... This is an expression I can resonate with. As a friend said, "what people don't realize is that they can grow there own green grass right where they are." So true. Today it is raining.... last night it rained all evening..... and its raining now. I like the rain. I like the sound on our tin roof. The rain gives permission to slow down.... it is the most perfect weather to read a book, drink coffee and lay in your bed a bit longer... After a day with my kids that I would rather not talk about (not a good one to say the least) I am grateful its Wednesday... for my yoga mat, for the coffee and the rainy weather...

Here are some pictures from this week. Happy Hump Day yall...

Homemade Wheat Bread. First time making bread and first time success. It is all gone..... (not paleo but so yummy and so worth it)

View from the pool and the lake on Sunday. Jane Austen along for the day....

My roommate outside on our porch drinking a beer, trying a coosie for the first time. 

Had to capture all my kids standing on their chairs to see the horse walk by... Yes a horse all by itself walked by our classroom... love this place sometimes its too much to contain.

My roommate Kylie dying her hair on our porch earlier this week.... A bit nervous about the box that was only $1.25 But it worked and looks beautiful I might add.

The 3rd grade Volcano Science Project we have been making. Proud teacher. They have done a great job.

As well my kids sang the Louisville Cheer again: C____A____R___D___S! In honor of the upcoming Big East Tournament. Best recording of it to date. They have gotten the motions and the shouting down for sure.......

This morning started at 4:30 am with yoga and again I practiced at 6:30 pm. After a long day at school I decided to take it all out on my yoga mat.. thank goodness for that... July is creeping up on me quickly and I want to be sure my body is ready for 28 days of intensive training....Speaking of time.... One month (correction from what I first said was a week) from Sunday my mom will be in Honduras. (so excited)

 As well if you are looking to hear a song that I have been playing over and over over again. Click here

"The cross has taught me to live, In mercy, my heart now to sing. The day and its trouble shall come, I know that your strength is enough"

Desperately needed this reminder today. Warmest to you on this Wednesday

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