Friday, March 8, 2013

TGIF. Happy National Woman's Day

Its friday and that is always a good thing. I just didnt anticipate spending my night sniffling and coughing. I am not alone is this either, my roommate and I are quite the combo. With piles of tissues next to our beds, and hot tea I am tempted to go and buy disinfectant spray.  Although a runny nose is always a sexy thing on a lady if you ask me......

Needless to say this is not how I saw my Friday going down..... either way I am looking forward to the weekend. It was a long week and feeling a bit under the weather I can't wait to get some rest...

Today at school I am looking forward to giving out the star of the week award to David C. (see below) (I have two Davids, David C and David P) He will be shocked. He has done a great job this week and is most deserving in our class so I look forward to seeing his face.  (Side note, he is often notoriously bad so it was nice to see him behave well and reward him for it).

My kids this week.... where do I begin..... they were wonderful and then they were rotten. Yesterday while sitting outside during reading class, I began to read a super hero book about the Incredibles to David P. (picture below)

Next thing you know I have a whole little crew of boys pilled around me on both sides listening to me read the story. One of them was nearly on my lap. I loved each second of it.  The boys love the adventure, the action and the bad guys. I kept on reading because these moments are rare and you got to take them when you get them. ( I do not have a picture of the moment, but they are the same boys that are pictured below that are biting off their art project, so sweet they are :)) The girls you might wonder, where were they? Off reading books about princesses and puppies of course.
Left to Right, Roberto, David C, Caleb and Sergio
This got me to thinking that some of the best memories in life are not captured on film. The very best memories have simply happened and you were there to experience it, no cameras needed. I prefer it that way. Often times we are so busy behind the camera or behind our phones trying to capture that perfect image but we never actually see it happen with our own two eyes. Like a dinner with a friend or a funny joke told, a quiet moment spent between two people, an adventure, or skiing down a mountain. Some of my very favorite memories have occurred at these present moments........

Here is a picture of my whole class.... yes I told them to make a funny face. I do have a normal one as well but I like this one, because this is a more accurate picture of them. When they are sitting there and smiling, they look sweet and innocent and sweet and innocent they most certainly are not. With big vibrant personalities (putting it nicely) ..........they are my class of 22 and I could not imagine this year without them.

I have more pictures to share... of our classroom decorations, learning sign language and braille, and playing soccer.

For now it is almost time for the end of the day... counting down the minutes. Feeling a bit rough. As well Happy National Woman's Day! This is a new holiday to me, but hey cheers ladies!

As well side story, one of my kids told me I should shut the classroom door because he was cold and I said its not cold, your fine. He insisted, "But MISS, it is cold and your sick!" So sweet. I smiled. (I didn't shut the door, it may be cool here but it is most certainly not cold enough to need to shut our classroom door to keep the breeze out)

From windy, sunny Honduras, Kristina

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