Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking Ahead

When life gives you more than you can handle or perhaps it is God trusting you with more and you don't seem to know why.... how do you respond? I often fight back. I am quick to want to fix things, and I am even quicker at trying to analyze the most minute of details of my life to try and understand.

However...... I am learning... s---l----o---w----l----y. I am learning that things will happen without explanation. I can only trust and hope in what the past has proved to be true.... All things have always worked out for good. For the good of others and (selfishly) for the very best of me.

So today I am choosing happy..... despite being up all night with a fever and a aching sore throat.... I am going to choose joy......
Whats on deck for March.....
  • March 5-8- This week nothing---- and nothing is a good thing. It means lots of catching up with my kids school work, and an open schedule to go on adventures. Although some of us are going bird watching on Saturday morning with the very famous Malcom. (unplanned being in bed all day Wednesday sick)
  • March 15-17- Next weekend we are going on our mystery visa trip? We are heading away to Guatemala or Belize (not sure where yet, or even if we will know in advance) Honduran planning is what we like to call this, last minute trip planned.
  • March 20- Last family dinner with Jason. His farewell fiesta!
  • March 18-22- Last week of School before Semana Santa. (Spring Break)
  • March 22- Science Fair Day at School. Yes the tri-fold board whole thing. I am in charge of 8 projects. Just call me Ms. Frizzle. I am loosing my brain.
  • March 23- 31- UTILA! This week 9 of us are spending the week on the island of Utila. This island is just off the coast of Honduras. The island made famous for its backpacker crowd, loud bars, and scuba diving. Our week will be enjoyed while Faye and I read our books, snorkel, lay in the sun and try our best to stay out of trouble while the rest of our group is getting scuba certified.
APRIL (how is it almost april?)
  • ***** Month of visitors, Kylies family, Matts family, Fayes Friend and My Mom!
  • April 1- April Fools Day
  • April 3- The Hohlers and The Bertschs Arrive (Families of my roommates)
  • April 17- 21- My mom comes from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • *** I am sure there will be more to add to this..
As I am thinking ahead to the last few months in Honduras... news of babies, weddings, new houses purchased, and graduations are occurring at home... So I thought I would take some time to mention a few people who are on my heart these days, people that are going to be embracing something new and exciting this year.... I am grateful to have you as friends....your in my thoughts and prayers in Honduras and hopefully I will get the chance to give you an in person Congratulations very soon.
  • Bethany Stamp-- you get married so soon. Yay for another wedding of friends! Praying for you and Austin and I cant wait till August to celebrate with you both.
  • Katie Bocchino--baby girl is due any day! You will be an incredible mom and I am certain that little princess will be beautiful. So look forward to seeing that sweet face in pictures.
  • Meagan Day-- you are an engaged to be married woman. you know you are incredibly special to me and I would expect nothing less than a man worthy of loving you well and Rory most certainly does that. Praying lots for you and see you in CO July!
  • Christie Lee-- your birthday is this month. From 1st grade until now i am so glad to have you be my best friend. Happy soon to be almost 25.
  • Laura and Blake Wearren--- Happy Almost 1 year anniversary... crazy how fast a year goes.
In the mean time... I am resting up... fighting off my sickness that came out of left field. I will share more of what has been happening in my classroom this week, including our special March decorations for our classroom.

Cheers on Wednesday.


  1. I surely admire your joyful attitude!

  2. Thank you Marcia! Hope your having a good week!