Monday, April 1, 2013

There is no other place like this place......Utila.

We are home. We are sun kissed. Tan. We are tired. Utila was every bit of what we needed. A week of laying in the sun, reading a book, eating yummy food. Dancing late into the night on boat docks, pina and rum, yoga class and for the others scuba diving.

Our Spring Break began on Saturday the 23rd of April. Seven of us rode in a taxi and a car to the town of El Progress on the highway that runs the coast of Honduras. Our plan was to then hop on a bus from the side of the road that would be heading to Sambo Creek. (If buses are going in the direction you wish to go you simply flag them down, they will stop and you hop on). What we did not anticipate was that all the buses would be packed full of people and we would have to stand for the 3 and half hour journey ahead of us if we got on.

After a few moments debate we decided to cram seven of us into the Camry. Bobby (owner of the Hostel Brewery in our town) had his employee drive us up to El Progresso so he could then drive the car back, but now he had to ride all the way to Sambo Creek (another three and half hours) to then turn around and drive right back to our town. I sat in the middle console of the car facing backwards. Four people in the backseat. And three of us in the front. here is proof if you do not believe me here....

Cheesing it.

Backseat view. Yes it is legal to Drink in the Car. We went through a Brew Through (drive through for liquor)

Sambo Creek

Sambo Creek Sunset.
The rest of our day after arriving was spent in the sea swimming and I listening to the Louisville basketball game on the radio. Kylie's boyfriend Shep flew in to join us for the week so she and Matt went by bus to get him at the airport. They arrived later in the evening and we went to a nearby hotel called Paradise for dinner. Not even sure words will properly explain this place. A couple from the States moved down here, bought the place and operate a bar/ hotel out of their home. If the husband spent half as much time taking shots of rum as he would have making our pizza we might not have waited a few hours... We played darts and drank beer and tried to pretend like we were not ready to eat anything in sight.

Our morning started early as we hopped on the ferry to be taken to Utila. We stood in line amongst other spring breaking hopefuls and got on the ferry. Luckily the weather was in our favor and it was not too rocky. Moments after stepping off the ferry a bottle of rum was shattered and Philips shoes fell into the ocean. Depsite it all.......we made it to real Paradise (not that restaurant) and we could not have been more pleased.... I will not be able to do a daily recap because there was so much that happened but figured a long post of pictures is more fun anyway. It was a great week. As well for 7 nights in our hotel.... $35.00 TOTAL!! Goodness central america you are too great sometimes..

Matt in the water retrieving the shoes.....

Matt Jumping from the boat nearby....

Sunset beers.

Watching them take scuba class...

Philip balancing a beer on his head.

Sunrise in the morning.....

Happy Birthday Matt! We celebrated on Thursday. Carrot Cake with frosting from the nearby bakery and the Skid Row Challenge.

Kylie, Shep, Matt and Thomas

Matt, Thomas and Me

Skid Row.

View from our hotel
Heading out on the boat to the Utila Cayes

Heading back after a day at the Cayes

Final day with my book and the cheese on my towel spilled by the boys...

Sunsets on Utila never ever get old.

Morning boat ride on Sunday at 6 am back to Mainland.

Chicken Bus. Old School bus.

View from the bus....4 hours of intense heat.

Chicken Bus outside the window look at Honduras.

How Hondurans spend a Sunny Hot Easter!
 All in all in was a wonderful week. I am home now. Putting clothes away and have already taken two naps. I think the vacation was that good that we are all pretty exhausted. Not to mention leaving on a boat Sunday morning at 6 am. To then get in a taxi. to then a bus for 4 hours... no air conditioning super duper hot. To then get on another bus (chicken bus) for an hour and half... then we were home.

To be completely honest... I am ready to go home now. (yes I know I have said this countless times) but today is just one of those days that I am ready to see my family, ready to see my friends..... perhaps the Louisville win made me even more nostalgic for the Bluegrass State and my beloved hometown. So as you spend your Monday with your family and friends pretend I am there for a few moments..  I would appreciate it.

As well Happy Easter to you all....
 "So call it what you wish: An act of grace. A plan of redemption. A martyr's sacrifice. But whatever you call it, don't call it an accident. It was anything but that." (Max Lucado) 

Humbled for the sacrifice that occurred on Easter. Grateful for a savior that loves me that well...

Warmest thoughts and prayers to Kevin Ware and Go Cards! 

yours truly Kristina

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