Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gentle Reminders. 20 Wishes Update

My kids were back. In full force. All personality. Lots of them much browner than before. Much like their teacher. (me) (Caribbean sun is good for anyone). To say I was running in the class to see them would be a lie. On top of feeling a bit homesick, and nostalgic because of the Louisville Cardinals, I would have loved to be home but not in my house in Pena Blanca but home home.....

All of my feelings aside the sweet faces of my kids sat in their desks and still need me. For only 10 more weeks left I am their teacher and in basketball terms, the ball is in my court and it's up to me to make the best of the rest of their second grade year. When you think about it..... Do you remember your second grade teacher? probably not. Maybe you remember a few things but most of us most likely do not. Will my kids remember me? Probably not.

But it none of that matters. What matters is that right now I am their teacher. I am responsible for building a foundation in them for education, for respect and most importantly for letting them know how much they matter in this great big world, how much the father loves them and that because he loved them first, I too love them....... So here's to loving my kids as best as I possibly can for the last ten weeks.....

As well I wanted to give an update on the 20 things I wanted to accomplish this coming year, my post here... more progress has been made... here is an updated list below... (although my roommate says I have not made much progress, I think it is a slow process.... remember I have until November, no need to accomplish it all at once)

Blue means it has been finished ;)

1. Read One Thousand Gifts. (with my mom, more fun to read when you have someone to share things with).
2. Get scuba certified in Utila (Honduran Bay Islands)(Not so sure this will happen, I decided to not get certified over spring break, but opted to relax and read my book) perhaps in the future.
3. Complete the Whole30 Challenge (Again)
4. Run a half Marathon 
5. Surf in Costa Rica
6. Make cookies for my neighbors and deliver them. (especially for the businesses in the building that we live in Honduras, The Chinese restaurant  the women's clothing store, the salon and the lawyers office. But see that I will most likely live in a few different places this coming year, I will repeat this one.)
7. Visit an Orphanage at least once a month (whether I am in Honduras or anywhere)

  • December 1, 2012 San Pedro Sula

  • December 8, 2012 Pena Blanca

  • January 28, 2013 Pena Blanca

  • February 10, 2013 Pena Blanca

  • March  22, 2013 Pena Blanca

  • April 1, 2013 Pena Blanca

  • 8. Go camping. Real camping not car camping.
    9. Make homemade sushi
    10. Have a dance party.
    11. Pray everyday before I go to sleep.
    12. Go on a weekend trip with my sister away. A city, or even in our hometown. Just she and I.
    13. Ride my road bike for a100 mile ride
    14. Read four Jane Austen Novels (Pride and PrejudiceSense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park)(Finished two... half way there)
    15. Complete 30 days straight of yoga. 
    16. Officially kick my diet coke habit (lasted about 60 days in Honduras, got to let this one go)Started now.... here we go. 
    17.  Learn to make pie crust, and make five homemade pies (Apple, Pumpkin, Coconut Creme, Cherry, Pecan)
    18. Drive a convertible (no stipulation on what kind of convertible)
    19. Minimize my things, shrink my storage unit in Colorado, get rid of things.
    20. Go Fly Fishing with my Dad.

    As well, I went to visit my buddy at the orphanage yesterday... still thinking how I can fit him in my suitcase... :) I just kept saying to Kylie, how could you have ever left them? Who could do that? Who could leave them? We both without an explanation sat in the gravel while the kids played with the rocks... Although I do not know their parents nor do I know their story, that led them to bring their children to this orphanage, I trust in a God that writes even grander stories than we could write even for ourselves.... what comfort we have in that.

    This is him asking for my camera.... so he could take a picture...... that smile brings me to tears.

    His sister... her eyelashes... my goodness...

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