Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"They Won Miss Kristina!" They most certainly did.....

This morning Genessis came running into the teacher room to tell me that my team won. "They won Miss Kristina!". Yes sweet girl they did. Yes they did.

For some of you, you may very well think that I am a bit crazy.... a bit over the top at times about the cardinals..... but I think on any day, sports does that to people, makes you obnoxiously proud, makes you talk about players like you know them personally. Brings goosebumps to your skin, tears to your eyes and makes you feel apart of something more. Sports has that ability. Makes the insignificant guy on the team become a hero and even those most proud humble.

There are sports moments that I will never forget, moments that climb to the list of top 10 quickly.......... the Louisville Florida state game in 2002 when it poured down rain and we upset the at the time #11 powerhouse, flying home to watch the West Virginia black out football game on Thursday night one cold November day in 2005 (my dad booking the flight on Monday), heading up to Lafayette for Purdue's homecoming games,  the Colorado Rockies run to the world series, never missing a playoff game hanging a broom outside of our apartment in honor of the sweep and being there on Monday Night for the 13 inning NLDS tiebreak game that sent Matt Holliday into one of the most gut wrenching final sprints to home plate (we wont mention that they later got swept by the Red Sox in the world series), The Alabama Auburn game in Tuscaloosa the very same year that Alabama went on to win the national championship,  watching Rajon Rondo when I was in high school when we lost due to end of the game technicals, The college world series in Omaha the Schemer's and The Dennison's together cheering on the Cards, there is of course the NFL game at Wembley, cheering with people I had just met for San Diego (Saints vs. Chargers) in London, a Monday night football bengals/colts game, and most recently the Louisville Kentucky game this year at Yum Center ...... All of these I will cherish.....but none of these games, none of these events come even close to how I felt last night watching this team win the National Championship.

With my roommates surrounding me and Spanish commentating......I sat in near shock watching the clock wind down.....only a few minutes left and it began to sink in....they really did it. Louisville was going to win.  My beloved hometown, the Louisville cardinals just won the NCAA National Championship.

Congratulations boys from my temporary home in Honduras to a place that will always be home Louisville. I am proud to say I was born there, raised there and proud to be a Cardinal Fan. Now lady cards, show those huskies how we play basketball in Kentucky........

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