Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Day My Kids Made it on WHAS11.... Go Cards!

Just made a homemade latte, with almond milk. My dear roommate Faye, it must be her european blood, assisted in the frothing process. With a spoonful of sugar,  I never knew my heart could be so happy over a cup of joe. It is raining.... the breeze is coming through the window and it is game day. It feels a bit like Christmas morning. Louisville tips off at 4:00 and I will be watching, cheering proudly..... although I wish I could tap my shoes like Dorothy and be in Atlanta, you can be certain my heart will be in Georgia today.

As many of you probably already saw......  I taught my kids the C-A-R-D-S Cheer. Yesterday on a break before my kids Spelling and Art class  I decided to send the video to the WHAS 11 news station facebook page. I thought I would pay tribute to cheer on the men and women's basketball team in their run this weekend in the Final Four. Moments after I sent the video, I received an email back from the producer at WHAS11 asking permission to use the video..... What transpired over the course of the day was the video then being placed on the website, facebook page and then shared from there....... the video has since been shared by Louisville fans and Cats fans all over the place.

Just wanted to say Thank you!  (Although my kids do not understand, even when I tried to explain to them). It made me really proud to call Louisville home, to cheer on the Cards today in the game and proud to share my sweet kids joy with my hometown.

All of this aside, yesterday I sat at my desk while watching as my kids worked on their art projects...... I had to take a deep breath to keep tears from falling from my eyes. Why am I so lucky to be the one to teach these 22 kids second grade? I am not sure I will ever understand. One thing I am certain is God is really good....... really really good.

You can click the link below to see the video of my kids posted on WHAS11 News Page  :)

or you can view it here on Facebook (scroll down to see it)

Happy Game day to you! Cheering from Honduras. GO CARDS GO!
Love me :)

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