Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Stay or Go

It is never to early to have a piece of Dark Chocolate with your coffee on your way to school. Dunking it in your coffee also adds extra joy in your mouth. Thank you Mom for the dark chocolate sea salt carmel ghirardelli bar (if you have never had this kind, do yourself a favor and go buy it right now)... It tastes as incredible at 6:30 am as it does at any other time during the day.

I woke up this morning with Alison to go for a quick jog/walk before school. The endorphins start going and we enjoyed the silent darkness of the city that in a mere thirty minutes later is bustling with people.  I reheated a cup of coffee that we made the night before. Us girls have finally mastered the Honduran coffee maker which means you use a large bag filled with the coffee grounds and run hot water through.... we are quite proud.

I enjoyed an omelet with sautéed onions three eggs,  and my coffee. I laid in bed for the last few possible moments before our driver for school arrived. With my cup of joe in hand we waited on the street corner, we pile in and ride one mile up the road to our school. We arrive, first ones at the school. Struggling to walk up the sidewalk we pile into unofficial teacher cave and moan about the school day before us. Kids start arriving and we pull ourselves together for the day ahead.

Honduran as usual and very last minute Molly, Kate and I find out that we do not have to teach this morning...the kids are taking tests today administered from the honduran government so we are without kids and without classes. So here I am writing this from the teacher room. Molly and Philip are watching a movie and the three of us on more than one occasion have asked "Why are we here again?"

I find myself talking to Thomas about what next year will look like. What does it look like after this place. In so many ways I could run far away. Run for the comfort of the States but yet in some ways this place sucks you in. Starts making you think you could not leave. Do I go someplace else? Do I teach again? Do I go back to school? Do I move back to Colorado? Do I  do this? Or do I do that?

Molly smiled. Saying she could stay. Saying she would stay for the next school year. Her and Alison unbeknown to Faye and I, they have already discussed that they most likely will stay another year. Faye and I in a bit of surprise created the pro and con list of how they could have made this decision. Looking at our kids, watching them in their classrooms we know why. In all the frustrations, in the midst of everything that we wish we could change, we love our kids, care about them and that alone would keep us here.

I am writing this as I watch my kids read books. A few of them are finishing up their exams..... gosh they are so very cute when they are quiet ;)

In all honesty I have no idea what the new year brings for me. What the future holds, where I should go, what i should do but I can tell you something about here makes me think maybe I could stay.....

As for today Faye and I took advantage of our sunny afternoon and we took the bikes for a ride... we rode to Los Naranjos and decided to stop at the D and D for an afternoon drink. On the way home I picked up fruit and vegetable (cabbage, carrots, papaya, two apples, some bananas all for less than four dollars). The girls spent the evening pondering the option to borrow a friends car and roadtrip to costa rica for the christmas holiday (opting out of the buses). Makes me only a whole lot jealous of the adventure they are to have in one weeks time....

Goodnight world. Goodnight yall. Sleep well.

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