Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have always been a big fan of written letters, hand written notes, cards, just simple things that tell someone how much they mean to you or wishing them well. So in light of this crazy week at school and our children who are so close to jumping of the roof top with excitement and the teachers who are begging for time to pass quickly I thought I would write a series of letters to things.... has helped me keep sane a bit.

Dear Devil Angel Second Graders, 

It is true you are being incredibly rotten and testing all of my patience. I know you are excited for Christmas and I dont blame you. I want to color and watch movies and eat candy all day too. That sounds like so much more fun than learning about pronouns, number patterns and the weather. But bear with me. Forgive me for yelling too much. For not taking time to listen to you and just assume you are again begging to get water or go to the bathroom. I am learning. I am learning patience. Just a few more lessons as you continue to amaze me with how much you learn and I promise I will make the end of this week good. Like cookies, candy, coke, everything your mom wishes you wouldn't have kind of good. Perhaps singing carols. Dancing to Gangnam Style. (yes just for you I will). 

With lots of love Miss Kristina


Dear Yoga this morning,

As much as my body insisted on curling up underneath my covers and spend time with you later in the day. I knew my time with you would benefit me well and I would be happy. It is true. I feel good because of you. I feel stronger, more relaxed and you are helping me deal with my kiddies and more patience so Thank you. I cant wait to see you in Texas as well. My mom is going to meet you and it will be awesome, she will enjoy your benefits too. 

Sincerely Kristinas body 

Dear Plane Flight Sunday

You are all I think about. Ridiculous I know. You are going to take me home. ....and for that I will be so grateful. Grateful knowing that after you I will be welcomed by my family. Celebrating the season. Celebrating the joys and things that matter most.  Do me a favor and be as glorious as I think you will be. 

Sincerely your future passenger.


Dear Time,

As much as I wish you would pass by quickly and you would simply come and go, I know that I need to savor more of you often. I know that I will be wishing for you back in just months time and for that I am sorry. I am sorry I take you for granted so often. That I do not realize how little of you I have and that I should never ever ever wish you to go fast. With that being said thanks for these last few days with Kate and with my kids before the holidays. 

Warmest Anxious Teacher

As for all of us, we feel like we are holding on for dear life. Lots of energized children, lots of Christmas song practicing, recording for our performance Friday night. Last night a few of us made our way to Alison's for dinner with the girls, for one last time before the holidays. Aracely and I performed our class song for Alison since she will be missing the show on Friday. I will not forget it. She was so so adorable and knows the words better than me. It was a lot of fun. Tonight we are going for dinner for Kates last evening together, Thomas flies out in the morning and Kate the following. 

Only 2 days left after today. Cheers and Warmest to all of you.

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