Monday, December 10, 2012

It is Almost Christmas

Things are getting busy and exciting. This is our last week of school. Our last Monday. Kate leaves on Friday for Arizona for good. We will miss her. She has a very exciting year ahead as she is getting married in June. Thomas leaves for home on Thursday. Philip heads to Spanish school in Nicaragua on Saturday. I fly out on Sunday. Faye, Molly and Alison leave for Nicaragua/Costa Rica on Monday. Our three week holiday is more than needed. We are tired and ready for a break.

Here are a few scenes from the weekend. Here are glimpses and snippets of the last week.

The advent calender I created for the girls began today. Each morning something different will be left in a brown paper bag on the table in our kitchen. Figured something small and fun to get us all in the spirit. As well I have an advent calender for my kids. Each day my kids will open a brown sack with a surprise. 5 days until Christmas break. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Christmas trees with people the kids will pray for this season. 
We worked in groups in our Science class to make posters with safety tips. One of the best tips written down was to "Take family on a jet plane" Leave the country if a storm comes. Smart girl I tell ya.

Friday night we had a Christmas Party/ Family Dinner. We also exchanged Secret Santa gifts. Our limit was 50 limpiars, about $2.50. I had Molly so I bought her a lemon squeezer. She puts lemon on just about anything... so I thought this would be appropriate. As well she is very crafty and creative. I went to the school supply/ stationary shop in our town and bought yards and yards of colored ribbon for her. Not sure what she will do with it, but I know she will find something useful for it.

Thomas had my name and he got me a fabulous headband with a big flower on the side. Faye and I took a photo with me wearing it. Hopefully will get it from her to show all of you! Philip got a giant pen, because he never seems to have one. All of the gifts were thoughtful and hilarious.

Our party included a Honduran rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas (Just for Matt since he is already home in the States, we performed live on facetime). We made sure to include all of our favorite things about this place, 2 broken washers, 10 ceilings leaking, 9 yoga sessions, 4 pollo fritos (fried chickens), 8 papas fritas (french fries), 5 chokies (honduran cookies),  3 your my favorites (matt tells all of us girls that we are his favorite when we are alone, and then we put him on the spot when we are all together and ask him who really is his favorite). 1 bus ride with Chele (our bus drivers name). 7 Baleadas (Honduran breakfast, lunch, street food, beans, tortilla and salty cheese). The video is on Facebook if anyone is interested in listening to our none sense.

Our tree from our porch :) 
Christmas Tree Molly made

Our table of food. I made a fruit dip that we are still enjoying, and my grandmothers homemade chocolate sauce with icecream. We had brushetta, peanut butter cookies with chocolate drops in the middle, guacamole, bean dip, cheese and crackers, english pigs in a blanket, sautéed brussel sprouts in a butter sauce by chef philip. With lots of food and good company our night was a lot of fun. 
Saturday I went on a long run and enjoyed the sun. It was a hot 85 degrees and we again remembered how hot it was when we first got here. My run to Los Naranjos reminded me as well how beautiful this place is. With the mountain in the distance and canal beside me to say I am lucky sounds silly. Doesn't even do this place a small fraction of justice.

All of us girls made our way in the afternoon to the orphanage in our town. A mere 15 minute walk up the street.

I learned that 98% of the kids at this orphanage go back to the homes they came from. They are often here because they are sick or severely malnourished. Two children had just arrived 2 days before and cried during the entire meal time. It was heart breaking. We learned that their mother brought them here herself, most likely because they cannot afford for food for the children. All of us girls had little ones that we would have gladly taken home with us. This little boy stole my heart. He sat on my lap and we swung on the swings. He had the most incredible laugh. Meet Arturo :)

Christmas week at school. Below are a snapshot of the Christmas bags for my kids. (stuffed with pencils, christmas erasers, stickers, candy and cookies). As well you will see the advent bags that i made. Each day a new surprise for the week for my kids.

Sunday evening we went to a Dance Show that Alisons girls were all performing in. As well other kids from our school were performing. The hotel Las Brisas hosted the recital. The below is the view from the hotel. The lake is really something... It is so beautiful.

This is Henry. His mom is the dance teacher and he is in my class. He hung out with me during the show and let me hold his baby sister (4 months old). Faye and I laughed about how we get baby fever and want to hold babies. Baby fever cured after a half hour of rocking his sister.

Aracely in my class and Henry after the dance show.

She was beautiful. 
Happy Monday yall. Heres to the final stretch and now less than a week until I am in Houston.

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