Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Week of School + Lots of Pictures

Writing a class story for Molly was just a few of the highlights for the week. A week that on Wednesday I was pretty sure none of us were going to survive. (Combine last week of school before Christmas excitement with christmas concert practicing, wrapping up classes = chaos). I had the third grade class together come up with a story in honor of Molly's birthday ( I teach third grade English and Science), each page was given to a student to illustrate. To put it short, the kids in the story were jumping on tables, playing football in class, all of them getting in trouble to then the redemption part of the story where they all passed their exams and Molly was happy. You should know this class is notorious for being horrible, I am sure Molly will like the story book. I sure enjoyed listening to them come up with ideas for it.

Here are the pictures of the week (lots of them)

Hanging Stockings. 
Genessis opening the first bag of the advent calender.

Suckers for day 1 of the advent calender

Karla and Madeline

Tuesday Sergio opened the bag.

His expression is fantastic and Aracely! Love it.

Robertos snowman. His name and he was born in New York. (One of the few places kids know in the United States)


Caleb. Classic
Another highlight would be trying to explain to my class in Spanish the difference between the words crunch, munch, crush.... For example letting Howdy place his hands on either side of my face and to push... and told him see this is "crush". You are "crushing my face". Hilarious. (as well to all of my former wyld life friends reading this, this greatly reminded me of "I will crush you" program at wyld life camp michindo)

Here is my class as we waited to practice our performance during school. Thankfully waiting over an hour to go on they were relatively behaved... thank goodness for that.


Check out austin powers in the back, Aracely.

Yesterday my kids had a class party. My kids were ecstatic  In the advent bag yesterday (day 4) was trash.. but what they did not know is that I had goodie bags for them. Filled with all sorts of Christmas treats and things... They were so excited. We had more candy than any child should ever consume in a day. Lots of hugs, thank you, I love you's. (Pretty certain this is because of the candy :))

Look at Angels at the desk face laughing David Cardona just opened the bag to find only trash...

Genessis and Sharon with their bags.


Christmas Countdown, on our board!

Because you can never have enough icing, so I scopped the extra on a napkin and let them lick it with their fingers!

Last evening we watched the kindergarten/ preschool Christmas performance at school and then following a party at the restaurant nearby. I am pretty sure kindergarten and preschool children could be wearing plastic bags and they would still look adorable. The show began with a procession of candles and then followed up Mary and Joseph with a donkey. The preschool has a little girl who is blind and she rode the donkey. It was so sweet.

Weren't all the zoo animals at your nativity scene as well? The unicorn, the lion all in the manager as Jesus was born? According to Honduras they were. 

The lion was incredible.

Santa made an appearance as well. 

The unicorn!
I must try and attempt to explain Honduran fashion as well. Moms wear stiletto heals to what seems like everything  Never mind that its pouring rain and you must walk through a field to get to the performance. You should wear heals. Please see the image below:

Molly and Marvin
This little rugrat :)
Molly and her kiddies 
Cheesy Smile
Today is it. We said goodbye to Kate this morning, had mimosas for breakfast with sweet bread for Molly's birthday. It was a bittersweet morning. Our table was adorned with Goodbye cards, Birthday gifts and birthday cards. Last day of school. Christmas performances are the only thing in our way from the Christmas holiday. So excited.

Two more sleeps away from Home. Only one more day :) and I am H town bound Sunday!

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