Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heaven on Christmas

I wonder what he is doing right now and think of him so often here. Not really sure why. Living in a third world country makes you emotional and nostalgic for so many things. He did not know that I was coming here. My last few conversations were watching golf. He asked me if I had a man. I told him no and he said good... Wait for the right one. (Advice from someone who had two great loves in his life, I will take it).

Christmas does not get easier as you get older it only becomes so much more. It permeates more into your skin what this season truly is about. I look at my dear kids faces and remember all those memories, of Christmas mornings, of cinnamon rolls, of too much cookies, of hoping for white snow. This Christmas year, heaven is now home to three of my grandparents. My grandfather I am certain is playing euchre with my grandmother and their dear friends Uncle Herman and Genievee. Following the game of cards my grandfather will eat a hot fudge sundae with my grandmothers wonderful homemade chocolate sauce.  My grandmother is playing cards but not far from her mind is the many dishes she will prepare, the neighbors that she will take things too and the raspberries that are ripe in her yard.

My dads father is probably tending to his garden. Large stalks of corn, large ripe tomatoes. He will come inside to enjoy iced tea and catch the show The Price is Right (Although I am sure he misses Bob Barker as host, its not the same anymore sorry Louie).

Of course I do not know what heaven is like nor do I know what my grandparents are doing. But a recent song released for Christmas got me to thinking what it would be like in heaven on Christmas. Do they celebrate just one day? Surely not, heaven is limitless and therefore I reckon they are celebrating always. The song is written as though you are speaking to someone in heaven and it makes you wonder. What a glorious feast and celebration they must be having... what hope we have in that.

Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold?
Are you singing with angels silent night?
Are you kneeling with shepards before him now?

Can you reach out and touch his face?

Are you part of that glorious holy night?

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