Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall in Honduras. Fall with my Family.

My grandmothers homemade hot fudge. My dads omelets. Vanilla shakes made with Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream. My moms blueberry muffins, covered with sugar on top. Coffee. Having lunch with my mom which only consists of vegetables, lunch meat, Ritz crackers and cheese. bits of home that i will never forget.

Fall is my very favorite time of year. The leaves are changing, pumpkin is offered in just about anything you could desire. Football on Saturdays. Rachel making chili in a crockpot  watching college game day and then sitting watching football all day. The unexpected snow storms that hit Colorado in the middle of Fall. Flannel. Walking a Wash Park with my Patagonia puffy coat on with the kangaroo pouch. Wearing comfy sweaters and scarves. Going home to Kentucky, to go to my old high school football game. My birthday. Eating so much at thanksgiving you are sick to your stomach. Being with my family. Tailgated before Louisville football games.

Fall is the best but Fall looks so much different in Honduras.

Wake up at 5:30 to a chilly room. Put my flip flops on for school. Drink coffee and have fresh pineapple or an orange from the tree over our porch for breakfast. Teach kids all day and then stop by the fruit and vegetable shop on my way home. Look for good bananas at the fruit stands. Eat Sandia (Watermelon). I come home to a room very hot and humid. I turn my fan on full blast. Immediately change to shorts and a tank top. Soak up some sun on our back porch. Tell myself to lesson plan but somehow find something else much more appealing to do. I eat fresh food for dinner. I sit around at our big wooden table with the girls. Have an unofficial girls night at our house, (basically means none of the boys come around).

I miss fall but am happy it is November in Honduras. I think its going to be good.

Warmest Kristina

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