Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

My kids. My boys. Let me first talk about a few boys in my class. They push, shove, fight and I feel helpless. I do not know if they are just playing or if they are truly fighting. I yell. I get upset and they look a me with droopy eyes and I feel bad. I am supposed to love well. I supposed to teach them joy and patience. And let me tell you I feel that it is often in short supply.

It has rained for two days straight. I wonder how there is still water to fall. One of those questions I think I will ask when I get to heaven. :)

As well this morning confirmed that when I set the automatic timer on our coffee pot the night before we will not have electricity come morning. Which in turn means no coffee. ( My roommates have now asked me to not do that again). Needless to say we are slow to start this morning. I so need some coffee to pick me up.

Side Note: Matt just took a picture with a student in second grade because he is wearing a Notre Dame hoody. Children here get clothes second hand and from stands around town that sell recycled clothes. Clothes that someone brought down from the US most likely or from groups of people that have traveled. I am not sure the boy could quite understand why Matt was so excited, but he may have just made Matt's morning.

Faye, Matt and I standing outside during recreo.(reces).. Usually this is filled with students, running. The fog in the background is what was the soccer field. (hard to see)

Yesterday may go down as one of the most lazy after school days. I was not feeling well at all, so I laid in bed. With the rain carrying on into the evening, the motivation to do or go anywhere was not there. I got up to have something to eat, made some tea.. Matt came over and we watched teh documentary , Happy. If you have never seen this documentary I highly recommend. The movie is about the study of overall happiness in life. This movie is an attempt to try and conceptualize and measure the happiness of individuals across the world. You can get this on itunes right now....

What makes you Happy? Here below are a few of mine that make my list...

Yoga in my room, and some of the children of the hair dresser next door decided to join in.

Matthew and Photobooth on Bonfire night.

Knowing that this is what I get to see at Christmas. Hard to believe Rudy was so small one year ago.

My best friend since 1st grade. Getting to travel Europe this summer together. Cannot wait till Christmas!

College Friend and old roommate and now she is a Wife. Grateful she takes the time to send long emails to me, catching up, sharing life and that this photo was captured during our famous Mizzou Colorado tailagte.

Denver Snow. Missing it.

Grateful for tradition and the gingerbread tradition will carry on. I cannot wait.

Warmest to you on this Tuesday. Prayers are appreciated for some more patience. Going to be a long day.

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